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Alana Banana

Explore, Play and Learn with Alana Banana in our fun musical app for young kids. Welcome to a ...  More

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Math Tales - The Jungle

Math Tales – The Jungle is a unique interactive editorial app that combines together a brand new ...  More

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Learn to read and write the vowels in spanish – Preschool

It is so easy to learn the vowels in Spanish with this app. It has lots of fun games. It is very ...  More

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This app is made specifically for journalists who are using ENG style cameras with internal Time ...  More

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Grammar Tool: Pronouns

This app offers a fun and effecting way of keeping learners engaged, especially those that have ...  More

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MBA in a DAY 2.0

The world has changed greatly since MBA in a DAY was published the same year as Google's Initial ...  More

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Super RCopter

Super RCopter is arcade game with randomly generated stuff. Simple and fun! Addictive and ...  More

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Don't Trust Henry

What is this game? Don't Trust Henry is a free indy mobile game about a finger-eating worm ...  More

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Visualize the game of Volleyball like never before. With VolleySim, you can practice reading ...  More

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Smart Spark

Is your child struggling in school or having difficulty paying attention? If your answer is ...  More

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