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PhoneBalance is the best app to check your balance! If you use USSD codes like *222# or send ...  More

management money monitor

Apr 15th 2015

DIY SMS Forwarder

Just tell the app what kind of messages from what person to forward and who would you like to ...  More

upload android sms

Mar 26th 2015


Cognalys,Inc. Cognalys, introducing a revolutionary method in international two factor ...  More

android ios mobile

Mar 17th 2015

New Car Mode

Handsfree Application that speaks received text messages and automatically answers your calls ...  More

android car cars

Mar 12th 2015

VBall ScoreMaster

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport and you need to be able to keep score with the minimum of ...  More

family friends sms

Mar 4th 2015


"DCS-Monitor" is an app designed with simplicity in mind to monitor and forecast ...  More

android communication monitor

Feb 9th 2015


As society becomes increasingly dependent on the internet, data access has become a near ...  More

android mobile apps sms

Feb 9th 2015


Relax while giving your phone in other hands and enjoy the fact that no one will ever be able ...  More

communication messaging privacy

Jan 27th 2015

Privacy Security Agent

This application is for protecting and hiding user data through encryption. Following items ...  More

security android images

Jan 17th 2015


Chat for free and challenge your friends! Chatlenge is a free to use messaging app with a ...  More

chat messaging sms

Dec 22nd 2014

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