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Online marketing meets the social network

BeamSnap is a revolutionary free online marketplace that utilizes the strengths and advantages of selling sites like eBay and the social interaction of the social networking experience. Here is a marketplace app that provides a platform for it's members to share, buy and sell specific products. One of the best things about BeamSnap is that every product has an equal chance of getting promoted to fellow members and followers no matter whether they are cheap or expensive.   BeamSnap is unlike any other social networking site. What makes it different from sites like eBay and iOffer is ...  More Dec 23rd 2011

Find the specific textbooks you need

If you are planning on continuing your education next year then you are going to have to think about books. Text books. They can be pretty expensive, can't they? So a bit of pre-planning is required to get the books you need and still have enough to eat and pay the rent. SlugBooks could well be the answer to your problems. Find your textbooks now! This rather useful and intelligent education app offers you the chance to tell them which school and classes you are taking so they can not only tell you which books you are going to need for your course but also tells you where you can get them ...  More

SlugBooks Dec 22nd 2011

Automated express login for all sites

Without doubt the most tiresome thing about joining up to sites on the Internet is the form filling. Filling in pretty well the same information each time you go to a site isn't necessary now, though. Dashlane  works as your personal net assistant and offers a number of security tools to make your Internet experience a productive and safe one. No longer will you have to log in to individual websites or even remember passwords. Dashlane fasttracks you inside via a trusted and secure express log in that will give you immediate access to all of them.  More

Dashlane Dec 15th 2011

Online appointment bookings to cut workload and improve conversion

I’ve seen a few good booking apps around and this one is certainly up there in terms of look and ease of use. If you run a service business such as a hair salon, photographic studio or equipment rental shop then Book’d will enable you to create a website styled to your choice and start taking online bookings, and better still online payments, in minutes. As you would expect with a system like this it not only makes it easy for your customers to book, and with that a reduction in the time you spend on the telephone, it also brings a high level of organization to the party.  More

Book'd Dec 10th 2011

Group gift giving made easy

Getting together with a bunch of chums to buy a gift for one of the crowd is always a good idea. That is until it comes to crunch time and money has to change hands. People forget or suddenly don’t have the cash and you’re left holding the baby. If this scenario sounds familiar then you could make your life a whole lot easier by setting up a gift account with Let’s Gift It. This great looking app will take away the strain of getting everyone who committed to the cause to pay up. What’s more even if some of your friends didn’t originally commit you can ...  More

Lets Gift It Dec 2nd 2011

Show Your City

It's fairly easy to get access to information about pretty well any city you'd like to know about. The restaurants! The nightlife! The sights! They are all easy to discover whether it be with a tourist guide or an Internet site. But how do you discover the REAL heart of the place? SideTour is full of interesting and exciting people extolling the virtues of their neighborhood through the many different areas of expertise that they have a passion for.   The world is full of vibrant and creative people – artists, actors, chefs, sommeliers, educators, students, explorers, ...  More

SideTour Nov 11th 2011

Increase sales by Increasing Trust

There's only one word that is important in online trading and that's trust. High Street stores love to advertise that they have been around for years and that you can trust them implicitly but there's not really any retro verification online. One site looks much like any other and most people wouldn't have a clue as to whether it was trustworthy or not. That's why companies like Pay Pal exist. TrustRoll is an ecommerce marketing security tool where you can collect all your trust scores from eBay, Artfire, Etsy and others in one place for your customers to see.     TrustRoll ...  More

TrustRoll Sep 12th 2011

Set up a store on your site in 5 minutes

What do you do if you want to go into online sales through your website? Well, you could hire a developer to do it for you but that costs a fair amount of money and takes a bit of time, too. My eStore App let's you set up a store on your site inside 5 minutes and have you selling stuff straight away with no transaction fees like all the other store builders.     My eStore makes online selling as easy as possible. You don’t need to have complicated codes or hire a developer and pay lots of money. You dont have to waste time trying to build one into your site. This ...  More

My eStore App Oct 24th 2011

A simple way to sell your digital products on Twitter

While Facebook users have begun to realize that there is great way of advertising through the social network the same isn't really the same with Twitter. Up till now, that is. Boxrockit is a very simple Twitter ecommerce tool that allows creative users to market, sell and track their digitally downloadable products on Twitter and schedule their advertising tweets to best effect.     Boxrockit is a social commerce application that allows users to sell digital products on Twitter. It allows creatives and other digital nomads to sell eBooks, videos, digital art, photography, ...  More

Boxrockit Oct 18th 2011

The most trusted reviews online

Businesses selling online can often suffer from a couple of negative issues one of which is supposed to overcome the other.   More

The lack of a physical presence rules out the possibility for customers to touch and feel whatever is up for sale be it product or service. The obvious way to overcome that problem is by having reviews posted by existing and past customers but then there are always the inevitable questions about the integrity of those.   More

eTrue Jul 4th 2011

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