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Online Stock Control and Order Management Platform

Knowing what your stock levels are and smoothing out the whole process of picking, packing and despatch is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses with multi-product lines. Add to that the need to re-order diminishing stocks in a timely manner and the whole operation cries out for a decent system.   More

OrderHarmony Aug 3rd 2011

Invoicing, billing & web hosting automation.

For the fluent Geordie speakers out there (north east England) you’ll know what I mean when I say the name of this app is about right, it certainly looks ˈcannyˈ enough. For those living south of Hadrians Wall a rough translation of the word would be ˈgoodˈ and defined as ˈhaving pleasant attributesˈ.   More

CannyBill Feb 9th 2009

Pay and Sell

This Scandinavian business is set to grow significantly with some serious financial backing and is looking to spread its new method of paying for goods online worldwide.  More

Historically shopping online has meant parting with the cash before receiving your goods and there are many reasons for this. For a start the whole process is geared to the speed of transaction meaning ecommerce businesses haven’t got the time, resources or inclination to investigate customer’s and sell on credit terms. If your credit card is declined you don’t get the goods.   More

Klarna May 6th 2010

Save 40% on your Credit Card Processing in 3 minutes

If you’re a business owner that thinks it’s about time you reviewed your credit card processing costs but dread the thought of all of those annoying sales guys calling then this is the site for you.   More

A comparison site for merchants, takes the basic information from you and then kick-starts an auction where top-tier card processing companies bid for your business. The result is a list of offers all set out on a like-for-like basis allowing you to weigh up the options available and the best fit for your company.  More

FeeFighters Apr 13th 2011

The best FREE way to run your business.

It’s difficult to know where to start reviewing this one given the sheer number of apps available on one site. The best way perhaps is to imagine a perfect world where every possible aspect of running your business is covered by an easy to use application and then see how it stacks up against it.   More

Apptivo Jul 7th 2011

Kabbage provides working capital to help you grow your online business.

With the banks moving further away from the more personalized method of considering loan applications and relying on the number crunching robotics of credit scoring, no wonder it’s hard to get some working capital for your business. If your business involves technology in the sales process as well then you probably stand even less chance.  More

Kabbage Oct 30th 2010

The best magento theme design

While Themes Magento isn’t exactly web 2.0, this site will help you to create a killer web 2.0 site for your business.  If your site runs the Magento e-commerce platform you need to visit Themes Magento where you can find Magento Themes designed to improve your conversion rate, boost your SEO ranks & build brand.  More

Themes Magento Mar 27th 2010


Analyzify offers a seamless and accurate data analytics setup for Shopify merchants. It includes ...  More

data enrichment data analytics shopify

Feb 7th 2022

Next Cart

Next Cart is a shopping cart migration tool that allows customers to migrate data from their ...  More

ecommerce migration saas tool

Nov 9th 2021


BrandLists as the name suggest is a comprehensive Brand database of hundreds of thousands of ...  More

branded ecommerce brand

Aug 13th 2021

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