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Walnut Secure Email

We have developed awesome App Called Walnut Secure Email is P2P, person to person or end to ...  More

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My Credentials

This application stores your passwords and important dates. You don't have to remember ...  More

memory android database


DiskCrypt is a very powerful utility that allows mobile phone users to encrypt all their ...  More

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aMemoryJog Password Manager and Secure Digital Vault

Ever forget passwords for websites or WiFi, account numbers, frequent flyer or loyalty card ...  More

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InstantCryptor is free, easy to use web tool to easily encrypt sensitive files before ...  More

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Secure Photo Gallery

Hi There, The reason why I have contacted you is to know if you would like to review our ...  More

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Toolsley PGPigeon

PGPigeon is a simple but powerful OpenPGP-compatible message encryption webapp based on the ...  More

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Cyph is a next-generation messenger app that makes privacy the new status quo. Cyph hands you ...  More

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EncryShare offers a free one-click file sharing service. No waiting time, no speed throttling, ...  More

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Subrosa is an end to end encrypted messaging app. It supports text (instant messaging), voice, ...  More

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