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A percussive app with great natural sound

Amongst any number of people there'll always be one who fancies them self as a drummer. You know the type - they are the ones that are always tapping away on their desk of tapping their feet on the floor whenever music is playing. They could even be that annoying guy who always brings his bongo drums to the party and proceeds to tap along to any song that takes his fancy. Well this music app for iOS is going to be the perfect app for them. Custom Drum Set Pro is a top of the range, fully customizable drum set with all the trimmings, that earned a 5star rating in the AppStore.   Custom ...  More

Custom Drum Set Pro Dec 11th 2012

Bring out the inner zombie in your friends

I don't know why people freak out so much about zombies. I mean, they move so slowly that it would be quite easy to just sidestep them and then whack them through the head as they squeal for "brains...more brains" wouldn't it? The success of TV shows like "The Walking Dead" has put zombies firmly in the spotlight again though many of us grew up on movies like George Romero's "Night Of The Living Dead" so we know what it takes to defeat those flesh-eating monsters. So, what do you think you or your friends would look like if they were bitten by one and evolved into a zombie brain eater? ...  More

Zombie Detector(Smart Camera) Nov 3rd 2012

Plan and find great parties with your social friends

There have been some occasions over the last couple of years when this party application would have come in really useful. I remember some guy named Toby putting his party up on an open Facebook page a couple of years ago in Australia and wasn't it just a few weeks back when some guy in Belgium had literally thousands of people turn up to a party. The big difference with this unique party app is that here you can identify where a party is on in your general area and request an invite to see if you can crash it.   Imagine being able to find, share or create your own parties right in ...  More

Party Crashers Oct 12th 2012

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Mayan civilization

There are several different schools of thought regarding the Mayan calendar. The Mayans were an ancient Mesoamerican civilization about whom many stories and legends have been written. They believed that there will be a cataclysmic change in the world when the calendar they created 5,125 years ago comes to its conclusion on 21st December 2012. Some think that date will mark a positive physical or spiritual change in the world's inhabitants leading to a new age. Others believe the date signals the end of the world as we know it or a similar catastrophe. myMaya is an education application ...  More

myMaya Oct 7th 2012

Come see the 3D Marlboro Man

Smokers seem to have turned into the pariah of society in recent years to the point where they are hounded out from in front of buildings and, in some cases, even prevented from indulging their habit inside the house they own. Let's face it, given the price of a packet of fags today, if you haven't thought about giving it up by now you might have to search for better motivation to stop. Now, I'm not suggesting that 3D quit will do anything substantial to slow down your smoking habit but this pure entertainment app for iOS and Android might keep you amused for a bit and give you other ...  More

3Dquit Sep 25th 2012

Everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese animation

No, Anime Doctor isn't a virtual medical app where you can submit your ailments for online appraisal nor is it the home of an online vet. For the uninitiated, Anime began as a Japanese art form from the early part of the 20th Century. However, since the 1960's it has become one of the fastest moving and most influential art movements of our time. Anime, and the  Manga magazines that put it on the street, reflects populist art and design that has not only inspired much of Disney's recent work but often gives an insight into Japanese society that is hidden from other media forms. Anime ...  More

Anime Doctor Sep 23rd 2012

Animate your football obsession and support your team

Now that the Olympics are over it's time to get back to the real thing. Don't get me wrong, the sight of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah setting London on fire will remain with me and  all sports fans for a long time, but there is nothing like the passion and rivalry of team sports to stir the emotions. With the European Football and, specifically the English Premier League, just about to kick off now might be the time to take your support to another level with FANiGRAM. This free sports entertainment application lets you create short completely personalized animated videos supporting your ...  More

FANiGRAM Aug 14th 2012

Create a social network for your big or small event

To be quite honest, Eventtus should really be described as a social network that can be built around your specific event. It doesn't really matter too much what sort of an event it is. It could be a concert or an overseas trip. Or a trade show or conference for your business. Big or small, this social event network for Android and iOS gives you the tools to share plans with your friends, socialize during the events as well as meeting new people with similar taste to your own.   Eventtus is your social guide for finding the best and most interesting events around you as well as ...  More

Eventtus Jul 25th 2012

Create your own great looking multimedia social magazines easily

Its inevitable that, given the slow demise of the magazine in favor of online version, that people would begin to hanker for the format and create their own. Living Junction is an easy to use, drag-and-drop free publishing application that lets you create cool magazines on your favorite topics and hobbies by displaying your multimedia using great looking displays. Share your magazines with social network or email friends and create micro communities with people who also love the things you love.   Living Junction is a user-created social publishing platform that let's you ...  More

Living Junction Jul 22nd 2012

A social wagering app for those backyard or workplace boasts

Seal It Free is a fun entertainment application for those times when you have a social bet with your friends and you want to ensure that they don't conveniently forget about the wager later on after they have lost. It's an iOS application to record those friendly and offhanded bets that you make with the nextdoor neighbor or workmate. It's a very good way of announcing to the world that "I told you so."  And in a nice touch, Seal It Free has a very nice retro design that has the same look and feel as an old school bookie's notepad.   How many times have you struck an offhanded ...  More

Seal It Free Jul 19th 2012

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