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Put all your favorite feeds and social media in one easy to read place

Rolio is a social media monitoring application for the person with either a lot of fingers in a lot of social media or someone who is short of time. And, while it is easy to see the point of amalgamating all your favorite feeds into one app if you are a social viewer, Rolio will prove itself to be a very useful set of tools for businesses monitoring their product in real-time over a wide range of websites as well as Facebook and Twitter.   More

Rolio Jul 14th 2012

Never miss your favorite team playing again

It's not easy for the modern day sports fan to keep with the gaming schedules of their favorite teams. So it's very useful to have a free sports application like Sports Schedule to keep you informed of all the games that your favorite teams are playing. With television scheduling dictating that games be played at all hours of the day and night nowadays a timely reminder when your team's next game is on will take the worry out of your sporting adventures whether it be live or on TV.   If you are you a sports fan but work and life is causing you to miss the games then you probably could ...  More

Sports Schedules Jul 8th 2012

Keep in touch with friends and colleagues in real time

When you think about it, Glassmap owes as much to the Starship Enterprise as it does to evolving geolocation technology. All this comprehensive GPS and communication application needs to complete it is a button that says "Beam me up Scotty" and it would fit nicely on Spock's utility belt. Glassmap goes under the title of a geolocation device but, in reality, it's way more than just that. Not only does it let you share your exact location with friends but there are also tools to share photos in real time, co-ordinate meetings, chat messaging and VoIP. In fact, pretty well everything you ...  More

Glassmap Jul 2nd 2012

Everything you need to know about Jack The Ripper

The legend of the world's first serial killer, nicknamed Jack The Ripper, has as many twists and turns as the JFK assassination and there have been countless books, TV series and movies made on the subject with little or no concrete solution as to his real identity. Ripperpedia is a comprehensive and excellently researched application for iPad and iPhone that features over 150 entries and 200 illustrations and videos that detail the exact evidence and people connected with one of the great unsoiled mysteries of all time.   Ripperpedia is the first dedicated Jack the Ripper factual ...  More

Ripperpedia Jul 1st 2012

All the UK music festivals and a tentfinder too

Chris Blackwell was a festival loving student in England when he came up with this innovative music application for iPhone and iOS that documents the whole music festival experience. With iFest, he created an app that details all the experiences of multiple UK music festivals and was 3rd in the paid music apps charts in the UK last year.   iFest is a dynamic, real time solution for the preparations and experiences of multiple festivals throughout the UK and includes  details of Isle of Wight, Download, Glastonbury, Hop Farm, T in the Park, Oxegen, V Festival, Creamfields, ...  More

iFest Jun 1st 2012

Hip-hop, R&B, soul and reggae on your iphone

Time for the boys in tha hood to stand up and pay attention. HoodHype Show is a completely free magazine style music application for iPhone that is dedicated to spreading the word about the independent voices from the underground of hip-hop, R&B, Soul and reggae. This worldwide production of emerging artists and solid gold stars is now available for iPhone and provides podcasts and live music, news and  interviews with some of the hottest independent music on the Internet.   The HoodHype iPhone app was developed for listeners of the HoodHype Independent Hip-Hop Talk ...  More

HoodHype Show May 29th 2012

Hear all your feeds and news on Android

You might have seen a review on FeedMyApp recently for a social news narrator called Hubbub for iOS that let's you listen to your social network feeds rather than having to read them. IHearNetwork is the Android equivalent. This news, sport and entertainment application not only let's you hear your Facebook and Twitter feeds but also let's you tap into custom channels to quickly hear all your other news rather than having to read them.   iHear Network is the first social news narrator for Android. It lets you listen to updates from your Facebook and Twitter feeds or use the custom ...  More

iHear Network May 10th 2012

Pit your musical taste against your friends

There's a new DJ in town and their name is...you. ofthemuse is a nicely named new social music and video entertainment application that adds a new dimension to the music player phenomenon. Not only is it a fun way to compete with your friends based on your listening taste but it also increases musical knowledge and exposes you to the plethora of new music available these days. Pit your musical taste against others by becoming an online DJ and have your friends and followers vote on who has chosen the best song.   ofthemuse is a new music application that lets you listen to and ...  More

ofthemuse May 8th 2012

What would you buy if money was no option?

What would you buy if you won the lottery, i wonder. They reckon that most lottery winners spend everything they win in the first five years and, I can only assume, that they spend all their money in Most Expensive. Here is a fun entertainment app that brings out the Paris Hilton in all of us. It's a fantasy shopping app (well, I guess the fantasy depends on how much money you have in the bank) that let's you search and find some of the most expensive items that money can buy - assuming you have the dosh, of course.   If you've ever been to Vegas you'll have noticed all the ritzy ...  More

Most Expensive Apr 13th 2012

Everything you wanted to know about kids

ParentingInformer is a kids entertainment and parental education application that is almost a one stop app for all things kids related. It provides a wealth of information about kids whether they be toddlers or teenagers and features a virtual plethora of advice, tips, styles and stories from real parents around the world. It's aim is to create a comprehensive place where parents can go to get information on pretty well everything to do with their children.   ParentingInformer is a multi-author website providing parenting advice, tips, styles and stories from real parents like you. By ...  More

ParentingInformer Apr 4th 2012