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Ah, but can you play "Smoke On The Water?"

If I told you that Camelot's Guitar Chords app is similar to GarageBand I could give it no better recommendation. The main difference here, of course, is that the only instrument you have to master is the guitar. Guitar Chords is an absolutely beautiful guitar learning app for iPhone and iPad that gives you a very tasty 6 string / 15 fret virtual guitar to learn to play on. Not only does it look like a million dollars but it sounds like it too - and all at your fingertips on your mobile.   Guitar Chords lets you play guitar on your iPhone & iPad with this beautiful 6 string, 15 ...  More

Guitar Chords Mar 22nd 2012

Prove you are a better drummer than Ringo

There's an old joke that asks "What does a drummer use for contraception?" - the answer, of course,  is his personality but I think that is just nasty. I have some great friends who are drummers and at least one of them has a girlfriend. Drums Master is a fun music application that allows everybody to release their inner Ringo. The only difference here is that you can play the most beautiful drum patterns on a cool looking app on your iPhone or iPad so you won't be disturbing the neighbors too much as you jam along to The Beatles.   Drums Master lets you enjoy a complete drumming ...  More

Drums Master Mar 14th 2012

Message in a bubble

Have you ever seen that amazing footage of thousands of sky lanterns being released in certain Asian countries for good luck? Well, igobubble is kinda like the cyber version of the sky lantern. But rather than it only sending out good vibes, igobubble is somewhere you can place a virtual bubble and fill it with a message, a photo, a video or a song and send it on it's way into cyberspace for your friends or others to find. Whether you use it as an advertising tool or just to send a love note to your partner it's easy and fun to track your bubble to see how far it travels - hey, it could ...  More

igobubble Mar 14th 2012

No more radio Gaga

You really can't get a simpler music and radio application than MyRadioList. When they say in the description that it's lean they really aren't joking. The thing is, the whole point of the exercise is to provide the user with an easy to use app where you can store direct links to your favorite radio stations so you can access them instantly whenever you want to and wherever you are. MyRadioList provides the opportunity to effortlessly list the radio stations you care for and have them available at the click of an index finger.   Unless you are a fan of what used to be called Top 40 ...  More

MyRadioList Mar 13th 2012

What will you look like when you get older?

Time Machine Jump To The Future is an often hilarious and sometimes scary photo and entertainment application for iPad and iPhone that shows you what you will look like in forty years. How does it do that you may ask? Well it's as simple as uploading a portrait photo into Time Machine, then aging it and then watching it on screen as it ages in front of your eyes. See, told you it was scary.   Have you ever wanted to know how your girlfriend or boyfriend will look 40 years from now? Whether she or he’ll be just like your mother or father-in-law? You can take that test now with ...  More

Time Machine Jump to the Future Feb 28th 2012

You What?! Free Football Chant iPhone App - 10,000+ Real Audio Soccer Chants

The No.1 football chant website FanChants.com has just released a new free iPhone app. The app plays over 10,000 real football chants recorded from fans of 500+ teams and is free to download on iTunes. FanChants.com receives hundreds, sometimes thousands, of audio chants monthly from soccer fans all around the world so the archive just keeps growing. From Argentine harmonies and Brazilian Samba beats, to German chanting and British funnies, the FanChants iPhone app has every football fan catered forAlerts - New chants and Staff PicksUsers register their favourite team within the app to be ...  More

FanChants iPhone app Jan 29th 2012

Quack! Get the farting duck for Android

Let's face it, who doesn't like a good fart joke? It's guaranteed to break the ice at parties, that's for sure. Duck Fart is a fun entertainment application for Android that continues the classy tradition of fart applications like 101 Farts and Whoopee Cushion letting you relieve the tension (no pun intended) in tight situations where you need something to lighten the load. Gee, there were a lot of double entendres in there, weren't there?  More

Duck Fart Jan 8th 2012

Putting the social back into moviegoing

It used to be that the best form of advertising for your movie was purely word-of-mouth. When you saw a movie that you liked you would tell your friends who would tell their friends and so on. The movies became a very social occasion. MovieGoer is a social movie and video sharing app for your iPhone that tries to put the social back into movie going. It uses peer pressure to encourage more people to actually go to the movies rather than catching a film on video.   MovieGoer is a new kind of mobile app that applies social networking as "peer pressure" to get more people to go to more ...  More

MovieGoer Dec 19th 2011

Your personalized fun aggregator

What's Next Up is an entertainment aggregator and personalization service that retrieves many different kinds of events from all across the world and gives you a list of events you're likely to enjoy. The goal is to build a web app that makes it easier for people to find entertainment they like so that they can just enjoy themselves without spending precious time sifting through dozens of irrelevant events on tens of websites.  More

What's Next Up Dec 5th 2011

World News

World News is the best categorized News App that keeps you connected with the entire World 24*7 ...  More

worldnews newsapp technology

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