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vspotz is a local event search engine and the first web app to allow users to search for ...  More

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REVL, the most comprehensive events app in the UK, comes to iPhone with a smarter, faster and ...  More

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Experience your favourite events from global music festivals right down to your local meetup, ...  More

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QuCiti is a social mobile application that helps you getting surrounded news, events or alerts ...  More

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Near - Professional Networking

Near is a Professional Networking app. It allows users to find the right connection at any ...  More

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Easily discover and grab content from 10+ different social networks. Pick and choose only the ...  More

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FanStorm Football fans network

Football fans social network with football rankings,soccer clubs,football songs, fanzine, empire ...  More

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SINEW is the simplest tool available to tell people about your get-together and gather their ...  More

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BossNote is your personal assistant in the Cloud available on iPhone, iPad and Web. Organize ...  More

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A relationship app that connects socially conscious, health conscious, & creative people to new ...  More

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