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Add cool photos and drawings to your messages

If you are a fan of flash animation but haven't a clue as to how to create it then Doink Express is a fine place to start. Here we have a photo and drawing app for iPad2, iPhone and iPod Touch that delivers the tools to make cool looking animations that can be shared on Facebook, sent as an email or shared as a stream in the Doink library.   DoInk Express is a fun place to create and enjoy art and animation whilst giving you a place to make your own. It lets you add life, interest and excitement to short messages using animations, drawings, photos and sound. DoInk brings two things to ...  More

DoInk Express Jan 15th 2012

Customize your Facebook Timeline page

As those of you with accounts will know, Facebook is changing the way you are viewed with the introduction of it's new Timeline. If you haven't got it yet then just search inside for the Introducing Timeline link and all will be revealed. But you know what its like when you move into a new place...you want to make it more...YOU! Facebook Timeline Cover Maker is a free application not unlike Cool Mojito that customizes your page to the way that YOU want it with cool graphics and design.  More

Facebook Timeline Cover Maker Jan 9th 2012

Social shopping deals

If you love shopping for great deals online then Bizspeaking could well be a social application you will want to have a good look at. With this deal app you can connect with fellow shoppers around the world and see the items they have bought and presented. Compare prices from all over the world and, hey...it might be cheaper to buy it from where they are rather than where you are. Then you can share your goodies via your Twitter or Facebook accounts.  More

Bizspeaking Jan 7th 2012

An array of tools to create your Facebook fan page fast

The Facebook fan page has massive potential for advertising that really hasn't been exploited enough. What better way is there to interact with your customers and promote your product to a potential audience of millions. And, whats more, you can do it for free. Build Chatter is a Facebook fan page designer that's not dissimilar to Cool Mojito and iFrameTab and helps you create professional looking advertising pages for small businesses as well as professional designers.  More

Build Chatter Dec 30th 2011

The ultimate personal assistant for Christmas gifts

Some people are brilliant at picking out presents at Christmas time whilst others...maybe not so. Personally, I tend to need all the help I can get. But it's just a question of doing a bit of research and being well organized about buying presents for your friends and family. Chrift is a gift recommendation tool similar to apps like ChristmasList.com that aim to give the user a much more comprehensive way of determining what gifts they would adore by analyzing their Facebook profile data.  More

Chrift Dec 21st 2011

Easy to create marketing for Facebook

Now here is one of those classic cases where an app delivers far more than you think it will when you first have a look at it. Static HTML + iFrame is a totally free marketing and promotions business application for Facebook that allows even the most Ludditesque of users to create content to soup up their Facebook promotions and advertising campaign.   Static HTML (any chance of finding a more user- friendly name to call it, by the way?) provides the user with very useful Facebook marketing tools which allow both technical and non-technical users to create content for promotions and ...  More

Page-Tab: Static HTML + iFrame Dec 16th 2011

A flipbook to share your memories

If you've had a look at apps like the award winning FlipBoard you'll know how glorious they make all your thoughts look. Suddenly all your thoughts, updates, pictures and links look as if they have been handed over to a design company and they produce a glossy magazine based on your content. TwitChapterz is an interesting way to create and share your defining life moments in flipbook format with friends and family via your Twitter account.   TwitChapterz is an interesting way for you to create and share life chapterz and defining moments from your tweets. It lets you create a ...  More

TwitChapterz Dec 14th 2011

Facebook fan page design app that covers all the bases

I don't think i've ever seen a Facebook Fan Page design app quite as comprehensive as this one. It almost astonishes me with the amount of content it contains. iFrameTab is, quite simply, a cut above many and a seriously cost effective way of designing your pages and making them look like a million dollars. And what's more, you don't have to have a degree in web design to do it. In fact, you could give the job to the cleaning lady and she'd have a hard job messing it up.  More

IframeTab Dec 4th 2011

When companies search for you, what do they find?

The way that employment agencies view you as a potential job seeker has changed so much over the last ten years or so. Previously it was all so much simpler. These days there are more background checks on your working life than ever. Identified is a business and employment tool that gives you a better idea of where you stand in the world of business right now. It scores you between 0 and 100 based on where you were educated, work experience and the people you know.  More

Identified Nov 23rd 2011

URL shortener that pays you

Why would you need to shorten your URL I ask myself? Mine is pretty short anyway. But shortening one's URL is not about most of us. Where it is of most benefit is with something like a particular forum or if you share a link on Facebook or Twitter. Kly.so is a URL Shortening Service that not only does the shortening work for you but also pays you for the privilege. The only thing that they ask is to put a small advert on your link (which can be skipped).  More

Kly.so Nov 21st 2011

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