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Draw attention to your Facebook page with QR code technology

When people finally crack on to the QR code phenomenon it is going to revolutionize the way we do business. To those of you who are still unaware, If you think of QR codes as a barcode for all kinds of information you will be somewhere near its potential. Recently FeedMyApp reviewed the excellent TagMyDoc app which threatens to take over from clumsy emails to get information across to potential customers. Pickalike is a great free social QR code business promotion application (phew, that was a mouthful) that helps you create and print QR codes to promote your business Facebook page in real ...  More

Pickalike Sep 30th 2012

Dearly beloved, its a social place to pray

InviteToPray is one of the only religion oriented applications we here at the FeedMyApp offices have had the pleasure of reviewing. Considering the amount of God fearing individuals there are in the world this comes as a bit of a surprise to me. I don't see any reason why there shouldn't be more but, as it stands, this app for offering prayers is all we have right now. But don't think thats all this surprisingly interesting app has going for it because it is filled with extra features including privacy controls, prayer requests by you and for you and there's even a journal to write down ...  More

InviteToPray Sep 5th 2012

Create great online magazines for brand promotion

If I had to nail down PersonSpot to a specific style I would probably have to say that it's a bit like a Flipboard that you can totally personalize to your own specifications. That puts this social publishing application into an interesting place in the marketplace because, where Flipboard tends to be a purely personal magazine, PersonSpot opens up the opportunity for personal brand promotion and advertising. Here you can create and publish online social magazines with content aggregated from your social feeds, from content found anywhere on the net or stuff you create yourself.   ...  More

PersonSpot Aug 27th 2012

Turn relevant links into text ads on your website and encourage more views

It's always a good sign when doing research work on an app to find it mentioned (in a good way, I might add) in lots of different posts. It appears that Linkcious is a rather popular social media monitoring application. So why is it so popular? Well, when you strip it right back, Linkcious is a contextual replacement for Facebook Social Plugins but with the option to add other social networks like Twitter and Pinterest. This means that the app will gather together and track all the relevant clicks, impressions and social interactions and places them on your web page.   In its most ...  More

Linkcious Aug 21st 2012

Animate your football obsession and support your team

Now that the Olympics are over it's time to get back to the real thing. Don't get me wrong, the sight of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah setting London on fire will remain with me and  all sports fans for a long time, but there is nothing like the passion and rivalry of team sports to stir the emotions. With the European Football and, specifically the English Premier League, just about to kick off now might be the time to take your support to another level with FANiGRAM. This free sports entertainment application lets you create short completely personalized animated videos supporting your ...  More

FANiGRAM Aug 14th 2012

A cool flipbook mashup for your flip videos

You know what a Flip film is don't you? It's a very short home made film that hopefully has a little artistic merit going for it. And how about a digital flipbook? That's  one of those cool and classy online books that you can flip through with your fingers - rather like the way you would flip through a regular paper book. One of the most beautiful apps that illustrates the flipbook concept is Flipboard, of course, which won App of the Year a couple of years back. There are plenty of flipbooks available for your photos but there are very few that displays your Flips.  FlipFilmer ...  More

FlipFilmer Aug 11th 2012

Turn your portraits into amazing mosaics

I'm sure we are all guilty of trying to find very cool new ways of turning your profile photos into eye-popping visual masterpieces. Anything to amaze your friends and get a response out of them. Print Mosaic is an ultra cool looking photo app that has its origins in the hippy days of the sixties when there would be those amazing posters for sale that were made using a mosaic of other photographs to paint a bigger picture. This app personalizes the process to let you select a photo from your Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox account and then 'color' it with a plethora of photos from the same ...  More

Print Mosaic Aug 10th 2012

A must-have notepad to type, draw and record with

When you are sitting in a lecture, a seminar or meeting you don't really want to be the one tapping away on your keyboard while the action takes place. Apart from anything else, it's kinda distracting and you can hire a stenographer to do that. Remember when you were in collage with that foolscap pad you used to take to lectures. It was covered in doodles and stuff but it did carry the crux of the information whether it be through diagrams or your note taking. Soundnote is the modern day foolscap pad with one big difference - not only can you type and draw but you can also record audio. ...  More

SoundNote - Notepad, Voice Recorder and Drawing Pad Jul 28th 2012

Discover your inner online business presence

When I first took a look at this impressive set of business tools and saw that the name was ServicePlatform I have to say I was a little underwhelmed. So many of these business apps have funky names and ServicePlatform was so...unspectacular. What the name does tend to project is solidity and reliability and that is pretty much what it delivers. It's a place that manages your entire online presence from your website to your social network sites and any number of things between. It's aim is to provide businesses with the complete online solution that controls your web page, your mobile ...  More

ServicePlatform Jul 25th 2012

Illustrate your photo spreads with the stories behind them

Much as I love it when my friends put personal photos up there is something so much better when they are accompanied by a bit of a spiel to tell us viewers the circumstances of the event. A picture of a beach is a picture of a beach no matter how photogenic it is but if you knew that it was the place where your friends saw dolphins in the water and had a romantic picnic then it changes the whole scenario. Rewindy is a photoshare app that turns into a storytelling app by allowing you to create a visual story of your photos accompanied by some personal thoughts about the time and place. ...  More

Rewindy Jul 24th 2012

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