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Create your own great looking multimedia social magazines easily

Its inevitable that, given the slow demise of the magazine in favor of online version, that people would begin to hanker for the format and create their own. Living Junction is an easy to use, drag-and-drop free publishing application that lets you create cool magazines on your favorite topics and hobbies by displaying your multimedia using great looking displays. Share your magazines with social network or email friends and create micro communities with people who also love the things you love.   Living Junction is a user-created social publishing platform that let's you ...  More

Living Junction Jul 22nd 2012

Put all your favorite feeds and social media in one easy to read place

Rolio is a social media monitoring application for the person with either a lot of fingers in a lot of social media or someone who is short of time. And, while it is easy to see the point of amalgamating all your favorite feeds into one app if you are a social viewer, Rolio will prove itself to be a very useful set of tools for businesses monitoring their product in real-time over a wide range of websites as well as Facebook and Twitter.   More

Rolio Jul 14th 2012

A more social kind of LinkedIn

Do you remember the fuss a while back when Facebook started to roll out their 'find friends nearby' feature and promptly had to withdraw it because they might have 'borrowed' the idea from elsewhere? Well, Friendthem had the patent on the idea and here is that very same (with a few improvements) app which now works in connection with Facebook but independently. I guess the big difference between Friendthem and other social networks is that while the likes of Facebook and Twitter are great at connecting with people they lack a little impetus when it comes to continuing those connections. ...  More

Friendthem Jul 8th 2012

Put a voiceover on your photos

I guess we are going to refer to pretty well every photoshare with comments application as Pinteresting from here on in. There are lots of them springing up all over the place and each one seems to have its own specific quirk to set it apart from the others. Enpixa is a free photo share app for iPhone where you can add your voice to it so you can tell everyone the circumstances of when it was taken. Well, you weren't expecting that, we're you? When you have chosen or taken your photo just record your 30 second voice over and share it on email or through your favorite social networking ...  More

Enpixa Jul 5th 2012

Keep in touch with friends and colleagues in real time

When you think about it, Glassmap owes as much to the Starship Enterprise as it does to evolving geolocation technology. All this comprehensive GPS and communication application needs to complete it is a button that says "Beam me up Scotty" and it would fit nicely on Spock's utility belt. Glassmap goes under the title of a geolocation device but, in reality, it's way more than just that. Not only does it let you share your exact location with friends but there are also tools to share photos in real time, co-ordinate meetings, chat messaging and VoIP. In fact, pretty well everything you ...  More

Glassmap Jul 2nd 2012

High five your social friends with badges

You know what they say. Respect and thanks can only be earned rather than given. Badgety is a fun new social networking application that lets you pat your friends on the back and give them a virtual "well done" when they achieve something you think is pretty cool. You can send worthy friends a visual reinforcement of your high five with a badge to display to demonstrate their worth in the social world out there.   Badgety is a very visual, personal communications site. It can be funny, serious, sarcastic or thoughtful and  lets you tell your friends what you think of them in a ...  More

Badgety Jun 29th 2012

Turn your Timeline into great advertising matter

While Facebook's Timeline has revolutionized the social aspect of the world's most successful social network the same cant really be said for its ability to help businesses sell their products. It's fairly obvious that Timeline needs a bit of tweaking. Even though it may succeed in retrospectively mapping out where your company has been it doesn't have the same emphasis on the advertising you are doing now and that is what you want your customers to see. SocialGimme Bizzwall is a Facebook application and set of business tools that allows you to use drop and drag technology to turn your fan ...  More

Socialgimme Bizzwall Jun 18th 2012

In case of accidents get the black box

I've often wondered why all motor vehicles aren't fitted with a 'black box,' in the same way airplanes are, to determine the cause of an accident or incident on the road. The obvious answer, of course, is money. Those little recording boxes are damned expensive. MyCar Recorder Lite is a free car recorder for your iOS iDevices that turns your mobile into a driving recorder to log events in the event of a traffic incident while still functioning as a normal phone so you can call up the relevant services if an incident or accident arises.   If you are looking for a traffic recorder then ...  More

MyCar Recorder Lite Jun 18th 2012

When you've tried Pica you wont go back

Do you get the feeling that sometimes Facebook misses the boat when it comes to some of the features you wish were there? If you are anything like me there will be things you can't believe haven't been incorporated yet. Pica is a Facebook client for iPad that features all the usual elements we love in the social network like status update, photo upload and messages but also adds a bunch of other gestures that enhance the Facebook experience.   Pica is not going to be a set of tools that everyone will use but, for the Facebook user who visits several times per day, you will probably ...  More

Pica - a new Facebook client for iPad Jun 15th 2012

See where you are going when typing and messaging

How many times have you tripped up or bumped into someone or something while walking and typing a message or SMS? Come on, admit it, you've done it plenty of times - right? Walk Type Share is a unique messaging application for your iDevices that lets you type your message while still being able to see where you are going with the aid of your inbuilt camera. The live camera and transparent keyboard mean you will never again embarrass yourself by bumping into that grouchy bloke when texting in your lunch break.   WalkTypeShare is a messaging app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which ...  More

Walk Type Share Jun 9th 2012

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