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Filter your Facebook content with personalized characteristics

Suibee is a Facebook application that offers you a window into the thoughts of the rest of the world by filtering content and feeds based on the things that you enjoy and are interested in. When logging into your Facebook account with Suibee you can gather together all the posts from fellow Facebook users worldwide who match up with the various traits of your own personality. Tap into new hobbies, innovative concepts,  business ideas and generally all the other cool stuff that people just like you are posting.   Suibee is a new type of content filtering and discovery application ...  More

Suibee May 13th 2012

Edit your Facebook feeds to just the good stuff

Despite the fact that your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers' lists just keep growing the chances are that you really only react to the people closest in your group. While having hundreds of friends looks pretty good on paper, it's getting harder and harder to scroll through all the updates and photos which come from everyone from your closest friends to your Auntie Doris - who has just discovered social networking and is sharing her knitting patterns. Le Feed is a Facebook application with an intuitive and intelligent algorithm that sorts out the stuff you want to see from the ...  More

LeFeed - Organizes News Feeds and Recommends New Stuff Apr 27th 2012

A social photoshare network to use on the go

Realikety is a very interesting new take on the social networking concept that works on the theory of 'liking' anything you see on your travels or just out on the street. Whereas Facebook gives you the ability to 'like' videos you love, photos you want to share and witty and clever updates from your friends, Realikety adds a new spin by getting you to snap photos of things and places you find while on the go, set the location of your shot, add relevant information to go with it and post it for friends to enjoy, react and comment on.   The snappily named Realikety was put together by ...  More

Realikety - "Like" Reality! Apr 26th 2012

Revolutionize your Timeline advertising for business

We are all reasonably well acquainted with Facebook's Timeline by now and have come to accept it as the new way of viewing Mark Zuckerberg's social empire. Businesses are starting to get serious about using Facebook as an advertising tool and TimelineTab follows on from apps like Facebook Timeline Cover Maker, Cover Photo Maker and Picscatter in providing a new look for the new look Timeline. However, the big difference here is that Timeline Tab is geared as an advertising tool for medium to small businesses and provides a while heap of extras to create your Tabs as well as analyzing the ...  More

TimelineTab Apr 12th 2012

Pin all your social networking feeds in one place

Since the Pinterest phenomena began to take hold there has been a lot of interest in 'pinning' your photos and other stuff on pinboards to show to your friends and the whole wide world. Kulisha is a social application for your mobile where you can gather all your Facebook and Twitter feeds into one place giving you a better overview of your social networking state of affairs.   It seems that you have to just whisper the name Pinterest at the moment and people sit up and take notice. As a consequence, there are a lot of apps being released that tend to head in that general direction. ...  More

Kulisha Mar 25th 2012

Get your circle of friends to work for you

It's said that for every dollar invested in bettering the usability of your site there is potential for increasing your revenues tenfold. moustach.io is a usability app that encourages you to share your site with your social networking friends to get critical feedback and reviews on it's user-friendliness. They will aggregate all your reviews and feedback for a very cost effective monthly fee. Hiring professional reviewers has been known to cost upwards of US$40 per review.   moustach.io is a business application to see how much we can learn about our software, web design and workflow ...  More

moustach.io Mar 25th 2012

Connect with your Facebook fans in a new way

One thing that's proven tricky in the past when advertising or promoting your event or product (or yourself, if it comes to that) on Facebook has been the virtual seminar. Evinar may well sound like a Arthurian adventure but in this case it's a rather wonderful event promotion application for Facebook to host any number of live events for your business (ad)venture. Here you can arrange casual hook ups, host group chat sessions and watch promotional videos with your fans and, if you are just running the one Facebook page, it's totally free.   Evinar is a safe and secure app that let's ...  More

Evinar Mar 23rd 2012

The Swiss Army Knife of social media monitoring

I love the idea that AgoraPulse regard themselves as the Swiss Army Knife of social media monitoring applications. So what does it mean? Well, it basically means that this customer relations manager and its suite of marketing tools has a tool for everything you might need to manage your Facebook pages, gain more fans and through traffic which can lead to a better return on income. No longer can you set up a Facebook page to advertise your project or event and forget about it - AgoraPulse gives you all the armory to keep your page front and center.   AgoraPulse is a Facebook marketing ...  More

AgoraPulse Mar 6th 2012

Get your Facebook friends to babysit your pets

Spotwag goes some way to solving the neverending problem with what to do with your pet when you go on holiday. Do you put them in an expensive pet stay place with people they dont know in a place they dont know either? Or do you co-ordinate help from the friends you have out there that you already know and trust? Sounds like a much better bet to me and so much more pleasant and relaxed for your pet. Everyone's a winner.   You can use Spotwag to coordinate help for your pet from friends you already trust and you can do it quickly and easily. Never again will you feel pressure to leave ...  More

Spotwag Feb 28th 2012

Make your Facebook Timeline cover uniquely you

You may have noticed the plethora of apps being made available to make your Facebook Timeline banner look ever more glorious. Facebook Photo Maker follows similar design apps like Facebook Timeline Cover Maker, Picscatter and NewFBCover but, of course, it delivers a slightly different take on the banner process. This design application for your favorite social network that allows you to use your own photos and add personal messages to create a totally unique and beautiful looking Facebook Timeline experience for all your friends to see and admire.   Facebook’s new Timeline Cover ...  More

Cover Photo Maker for Facebook Feb 28th 2012

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