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always say goodbye to everyone you like

So what do you get for the person who has everything? Well, are you and your partner concerned that you wont get a chance to say goodbye when you depart this mortal coil? Death can come so quickly and unexpectedly and its important to have all bases covered. This is one occasion when you really cant change your mind. DyingMessage is a rather morbid but useful tool that allows you to compose a video or text message that can be passed on to your friends and family when you go.  More

DyingMessage Aug 16th 2011

The easiest way to take care of IOUs and shared bills with friends

There's always one flatmate that doesn't pay his share of the bills isn't there? Meanwhile you sit there trying to work out who paid this and who owes that. WhoseBill is a brilliant way of solving and simplifying money management problems as it tracks all your payouts to one place, offsets debts and payments against each other...and then gives you a settle-up figure for everyone. Simple, brilliant and unique.WhoseBill is perfect for sorting out bills in shared houses, group holidays, clubs and teams as well as friend and family expenses. There's no spreadsheets or complicated calculations ...  More

WhoseBill Aug 30th 2011

Snow Cone Tycoon

Snow Cone Tycoon is a fun and educational game for all ages! Players start their journey with a ...  More

android kids family


Offeo is an online video maker that enable small businesses to create stunning social media ...  More

maker graphics motion

Connected Parents

Divorced / Separated parents have a hard time tracking expenses with ongoing arguments of who ...  More

organize communicate calendar

Online CV builder

Stand out from the crowd! You can improve your resume drastically by means of a different ...  More

cv maker resume

Gift Expert

Gift Expert focuses on eliminating the headache people usually experience when trying to ...  More

crowdfunding groupgifting gifts


SessionStack allows you to stream live or record and replay user sessions as a video that’s ...  More

ux user recording

Raven Emergency SOS

This App was designed to be used in Emergency situations. Contact your family in a case of an ...  More

raven emergency kids


Bonnie is a product recall monitoring system that automatically alerts you if an item you have ...  More

recalls family parenting

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