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Excuse us while we review a simple game...

Here at Feedmyapp we try to focus on the groundbreaking or earth shattering apps to review, but just occasionally we have pass across our desk an app that, whilst qualifying for neither of the above accolades, does stand out for what it is...and in this case it is a very simple game. Ten Tension was published on Feedmyapp a few weeks ago, but didn't make it to the review slots. However, as I am STILL playing it now, I thought I might spread the word :-)  More

Ten Tension Mar 10th 2012

Kids Money Management and Teen Money Management

There are a few sites of this type around offering families a platform to keep up to date with who owes who. They follow a similar pattern in that a virtual bank is created, with Mom and Dad providing the funds of course, and virtual transactions are credited and debited to reflect the real cash position.  More Oct 10th 2010

Friends and Family Lending

Although claiming to offer a new and better way to lend and borrow, looks just like the many other friend & family borrowing sites on the web. In fact if anything it lacks the clarity in respect of pricing and what is and isn’t chargeable that usually appears on the front page of other sites.   More

LendFriend Mar 14th 2010

always say goodbye to everyone you like

So what do you get for the person who has everything? Well, are you and your partner concerned that you wont get a chance to say goodbye when you depart this mortal coil? Death can come so quickly and unexpectedly and its important to have all bases covered. This is one occasion when you really cant change your mind. DyingMessage is a rather morbid but useful tool that allows you to compose a video or text message that can be passed on to your friends and family when you go.  More

DyingMessage Aug 16th 2011

The easiest way to take care of IOUs and shared bills with friends

There's always one flatmate that doesn't pay his share of the bills isn't there? Meanwhile you sit there trying to work out who paid this and who owes that. WhoseBill is a brilliant way of solving and simplifying money management problems as it tracks all your payouts to one place, offsets debts and payments against each other...and then gives you a settle-up figure for everyone. Simple, brilliant and unique.WhoseBill is perfect for sorting out bills in shared houses, group holidays, clubs and teams as well as friend and family expenses. There's no spreadsheets or complicated calculations ...  More

WhoseBill Aug 30th 2011

Quirl - The Allowance Game

Quirl is a mobile gaming app that turns kids' daily chores and tasks into an opportunity for ...  More

chores mobile app family

Feb 1st 2022

Folded Flyer: Paper Plane Game

Paper planes have never soared like this before! Guide your paper glider through a colorful ...  More

racing adventure family

Feb 25th 2021


Leaframe has no SNS like communication features, “read”, “like”, or “comment”. The pace of ...  More

parenting share momma

Apr 16th 2020

Ready set dinner

Ready set dinner helps families to reduce the daily dinner hassle. By entering their eating and ...  More

food recipes recipe

Mar 31st 2020


BlurSPY parental control app is one such app which can come handy during an incident and track ...  More

online device business management

Nov 27th 2019

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