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Funcidy ! Funcidy !! Funcidy!!! Are you a filmmaker or content creator? Are you a fan of ...  More

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Apr 2nd 2021

What to

What to Watch is a movie recommendation engine that gives you an up-to-date source of ...  More

film shows recommendations

May 10th 2020

The Next Big Film

The Next Big Film is a new immersive concept that combines elements from Film, Game and Fantasy ...  More

mobilegames fantasyfootball gaming

Jun 4th 2019

Write-on Video

Your alternative to iMovie and Adobe Premiere Clip. Write-on Video is a video editing app that ...  More

film movie android

Feb 1st 2019


MovieTracker is a mobile application that helps movie junkies track the movies they are ...  More

ios android list

Nov 6th 2018

Movieskip – tinder for moviesuggestions

Premium is free for the next ≈3000 new users ( written 08-04-2018) In Movieskip, instead of a ...  More

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Apr 8th 2018

Lunet - The Beauty of Movies

THE BEAUTY OF MOVIES HAS NEVER BEEN CLEARER Lunet is a beautiful and mesmerizing solution for ...  More

mobile cinema film

Mar 12th 2018


The unique thing about Dramapp is that movies you make are driven by original soundtracks in ...  More

music movie camera

Mar 14th 2017

Film Fish - movie discovery

FilmFish is like having a personal film-buff in your pocket, helping you discover your next ...  More

film movie -

Jan 13th 2017

The Film Quiz

The only mobile game for film buffs is now available for Android devices.   The Film Quiz app ...  More

film movie quiz

Dec 8th 2016

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