Financial apps

FinMapp – Stocks & Mutual Fund

FinMapp: Your Financial Matchmaker! We offer Direct Mutual Fund & SIP Trade Stocks | Demat ...  More

mutual fund investment financial sip

Mar 2nd 2022

Time for Budget

Time for budget is made by ambitious people to help their users with their finances. We are ...  More

budget android finance management

Feb 14th 2021


Savology is a financial planning platform helping households improve their financial well-being ...  More

finance plan fintech

Jul 24th 2020


Kalshi is a Fintech startup looking to make modern financial markets more accessible and ...  More

financial fintech services

Mar 17th 2020


Fundra is a fundraising application designed with principles of transparency and accountability. ...  More

fundraising ios financial

Dec 9th 2018

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