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Carbonmade for Restaurants

It's daunting enough opening your own restaurant without all the other things that go along with it. The location...the staff...the food...what else is there? Ah yes.. advertising. Without doubt one of the most important decisions you are going to make is about your website. Do you go out and commission a company to handle your website design of do you take up your own valuable time doing the whole thing yourself. There is a brilliant and cost effective solution. Theme Force is a design tool that provides you with all the ammunition you need to easily put together an affordable, powerful ...  More

Theme Force Oct 19th 2011

Plan your meals for your busy life

Okay, you know you have been saying it for some time now but it really is time to get a little bit more organized in the kitchen. It would save a lot of time and money if you had everything laid out for the week's meals. BusyMeal is an intelligent food organize tool that gives you access to great recipes for the day and the week as well as presenting you with a shopping list for everything you need.   Feeling the pinch at the grocery store as food prices soar? It’s no wonder. Planning meals and feeding our families over 1000 times a year is one of the most expensive and ...  More

BusyMeal Oct 18th 2011

Restaurant Jobs, Served up Daily

Any actors out there? This one's for you I think. WyckWyre is food job search tool that'll put actors into their other vocation in life - restaurant jobs.   It's different and much more proactive and specific than most other employment sites, though. WyckWyre gives you the choice of searching their job boards for restaurant positions or, if you register, it will send you details of local restaurant jobs into your email box.   Wyckwyre is an intelligent restaurant job search alert tool that serves potential job positions right in to your inbox. The choice is yours whether you ...  More

WyckWyre Sep 26th 2011

Find the Restaurants you see on TV.

I don't know about you but I watch a lot of those Food Network and Travel Channel shows on the TV. Have you ever wondered where some of those restaurants and diners that they film in really are? The food looks so good and the places are rich in decor and history. TVFoodMaps is a free food app for Android and iPhone that identifies and keeps track of all the places featured.   TVFoodMaps is a very colorful and informative tool that allows you to discover, discuss and identify all the places you see in the Food Network shows like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Diners, DriveIns and ...  More

TVFoodMaps Sep 24th 2011

Picture the menu!

I'm sure we've all been out to restaurants and ordered something up on the menu that sounds pretty good but when it arrives it looks more like a bird's nest than the delicate web of pasta as described in the menu. The interestingly named The Men View (no, its not an online hunky men's magazine) is a very cool way to see if the chef's culinary masterpiece lives up to it's description by encouraging members to take and display their own pictures of their culinary delights for all to see. Consequently, many restaurants have begun to upload their own food photos giving a large database of food ...  More

The MenView Sep 20th 2011

Incredible Deals at Great Orlando Restaurants

OrlandoDiningDeals is pretty well what it says it is. If you live in or near Orlando in Florida you'll know how many restaurants there are down there. Or maybe you're just visiting. Disneyland calling you? So of that vast amount of restaurants wouldn't you like to see where you can get the best deal  and find out more about the place you might be eaten in?   This email food deal tool finds all the best restaurants in beautiful Orlando and brings you the best deal possible from them. It does this by negotiating great deals directly with the restaurants and then delivers them to ...  More Sep 2nd 2011

See what's cooking on the web.

Most food sites are a collection of unrelated recipes. Pages and pages of recipes from one source. Punchfork offers a new take on the traditional online food site by taking top quality recipes from the best culinary sites like Serious Eats, Simply Recipes, The Kitchn and 101 Cookbooks and using customer tweets and Facebook recommendations to rate them. Then they are presented in a beautiful magazine-style easy to use interface.  More

Punchfork Aug 26th 2011

Food, I love you

Of course there are millions of recipe sites around on the net that will stimulate your taste buds. The difference with Foodily is that, not only is it a beautifully crafted interface, but it also connects you with your friends and the recipes that they love through your favorite social networking site. Foodily helps users find the most delicious recipes from all over the net and compare them side by side. Then they can check with their Facebook dinner guests if they wish to let them decide the culinary delight for the evening.  More

Foodily Aug 23rd 2011

Fig - FODMAP App

The Fig App helps you find food if you live with dietary restrictions or need to start a complex ...  More

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Oct 18th 2022

Compare Flights & Hotels Apps

In Compare Flights & Hotels Apps - You Can Book online for bus, flights, cabs, and ...  More

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Mar 11th 2022

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