Food Waste apps

What's in my fridge?

Have you ever forgotten what's in your fridge, and ended up throwing it away? Have you ever ...  More

fridge inventory-management grocery-list

Jan 29th 2022

Waste your Money

You do not need capitalism or consumerism anymore. We offer you the easiest way to waste your ...  More

money fun waste

May 13th 2021

Oatsy Calorie Counter

Oatsy is the only nutrition app and calorie counter that has every feature completely free, ...  More

nutrition android weightloss

Jan 22nd 2021


Nobody can stand the "Where do you want to eat" conversation. The endless "I Don't Care" and ...  More

search-cuisines android ios

Oct 3rd 2020

TotalCtrl Home

1/3 of all the food we produce is wasted! As a consumer you have the power to change this. ...  More

recipes android food waste

Aug 4th 2020


Effortlessly find and order the perfect bottle every time with Sippd, your AI-powered personal ...  More

tech chrome food

Jul 30th 2020


Delivio is delivery-oriented platform focused on food delivery directly from restaurants and ...  More

android delivery ios

Apr 30th 2020

Ready set dinner

Ready set dinner helps families to reduce the daily dinner hassle. By entering their eating and ...  More

food recipes recipe

Mar 31st 2020

Howdy Tip Calculator

Howdy Tip Calculator instantly calculates tip and splits bill. Letting you to enjoy your time, ...  More

food tip android

Jan 21st 2020

No More Waste

This app allows you to keep track of the food you have stored in your house and to be warned ...  More

barcode scanner utility environment

Sep 29th 2019

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