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We are automating the way game developers can sell merchandise products within their games. ...  More

games manufacture ios

May 24th 2016


The chimichurri framework combines a product building platform (chimi) with an optional, ...  More

development entrepreneur framework

Mar 24th 2015


Cloud desktop for every device. When you switch to another device you continue where you left ...  More

cloud framework sync

Jan 2nd 2015


Doing business reports in enterprise is always big pain for developers. The existing tools are ...  More

cloud framework pdf

Apr 10th 2014

UniFrame: Photo frames for Instagram, Flickr, 500px, Google images and Facebook albums

Photo-sharing services + Photo frames = UniFrame Photo frames meet photo-sharing services in ...  More

facebook framework images

Sep 5th 2013

FranTV Franchise Television

"FranTV Franchise Television" is the companion Mobile App for the FranTV Franchise Television ...  More

business framework technology

Jul 1st 2012


Snapt takes open-source software to the next level with affordable and accessible snap-on user ...  More

framework networking usability

Apr 4th 2012

Chico UI

Chico UI is a free and open source collection of easy-to-use web tools for developers and ...  More

css framework html

Feb 28th 2012


Podio is a work platform with the ambition to change how we all work. A new and radical take ...  More

project management business management

Sep 4th 2010


Jasmine is a behavior-driven development tools for JavaScript.


framework script

Sep 2nd 2010

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