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Fast and efficient iPhone expense management for freelancers or small business

We all know how difficult it seems to be for big business to track and bill expenses accurately even with their larger workforces and sizeable resources. Now, imagine how difficult and time consuming it must be for the freelancer or small business. Falcon Expenses has come up with the answer with this expense tracking application for iPhone that lets you track your full expenses without the need to keep records on your computer. Automatically track mileage, scan receipts and log billable hours and keep accurate records - all from your phone.   Falcon Expenses is the first fully ...  More

Falcon Expenses Dec 6th 2013

A free business network to promote your projects

If I said to you that I could introduce you to a business network that helped you promote your business, network with friends and colleagues, find great new clients and manage them efficiently and then I told you that it was free you would be silly not to jump at it, wouldn't you? Well, welcome to Aegora - a professional marketplace where you can do all those things and more. Promote your business, brand or yourself if you are a freelancer Or Aegora can even be used as an employment vehicle to hire great professionals that have been recommended to you by your friends - if and when you plan ...  More

Aegora Oct 15th 2012

Code For Cash

If you're a developer and you want to make the leap into startups, we're here to help. ...  More

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HireTeamMate in a nutshell automates recruiting and simplifies job search. We tap into the ...  More

technology professionals recruitment job is the first website dedicated to designers and developers looking for high ...  More

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GetSerio is where serious companies and reliable freelancers meet their match. We're so ...  More

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SideDolla is a service that launched in January 2015. It links businesses to experienced ...  More

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Boonle flips the freelancing paradigm completely upside down by encouraging an all new ...  More

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Cronnection is a free and ad-free marketplace created by its own users. We help them promote ...  More

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Time tracking, project management and invoicing software. Easy time tracking for freelancers and ...  More

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