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Show me the red, green and gold

Reggae - surely the most infectious of all the musical riddims. Even the sweetest Kentucky filly can't resist singing along when Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" comes on the radio. It might be a little hard to hunt up reggae clubs, concerts and restaurants in your local area so Reggae 411 is a free and fun music, food and entertainment application that has been put together for iOS to locate all the Caribbean entertainment around you with special deals on entry fees on food and drink.   Reggae 411 gives you the most comprehensive info, directions and deals on reggae clubs, concerts, ...  More

Reggae 411 May 14th 2012

What would you buy if money was no option?

What would you buy if you won the lottery, i wonder. They reckon that most lottery winners spend everything they win in the first five years and, I can only assume, that they spend all their money in Most Expensive. Here is a fun entertainment app that brings out the Paris Hilton in all of us. It's a fantasy shopping app (well, I guess the fantasy depends on how much money you have in the bank) that let's you search and find some of the most expensive items that money can buy - assuming you have the dosh, of course.   If you've ever been to Vegas you'll have noticed all the ritzy ...  More

Most Expensive Apr 13th 2012

Create and share scrapbooks with social friends

Scrapbooking was huge during the nineties if I remember rightly but i guess it got rather swallowed up by the social networking phenomena over recent years. Wollage re-activates the scrapbooking theme and brings it up to date with the new century technology by turning it social. Rather than painstakingly sticking photos, precious memories and a myriad of other stuff into your scrapbook and then filing it under the stairs for viewing later by a select few, Wollage brings your collective memories into a social setting by allowing you to create your scrapbook online and then sharing it with ...  More

Wollage, the social-scrapbook Apr 10th 2012

The simplest way to learn to write Chinese

This simple Learn to write Chinese application from the Monkey Write people is another in the series following their earlier Numbers, Blessings and Eating Out excursions. It's a free and easy to use language, education and learning tool for android that literally teaches one to write Chinese characters and turns it into a bit of a game that even kids can play and learn from.   It's said that the only way to truly master the complicated art of Chinese writing is practice, practice and more practice. However, doing that on paper could be construed as being rather dull - especially if ...  More

Monkey Write: Learn to write Chinese Mar 29th 2012

Prove you are a better drummer than Ringo

There's an old joke that asks "What does a drummer use for contraception?" - the answer, of course,  is his personality but I think that is just nasty. I have some great friends who are drummers and at least one of them has a girlfriend. Drums Master is a fun music application that allows everybody to release their inner Ringo. The only difference here is that you can play the most beautiful drum patterns on a cool looking app on your iPhone or iPad so you won't be disturbing the neighbors too much as you jam along to The Beatles.   Drums Master lets you enjoy a complete drumming ...  More

Drums Master Mar 14th 2012

Excuse us while we review a simple game...

Here at Feedmyapp we try to focus on the groundbreaking or earth shattering apps to review, but just occasionally we have pass across our desk an app that, whilst qualifying for neither of the above accolades, does stand out for what it is...and in this case it is a very simple game. Ten Tension was published on Feedmyapp a few weeks ago, but didn't make it to the review slots. However, as I am STILL playing it now, I thought I might spread the word :-)  More

Ten Tension Mar 10th 2012

Quack! Get the farting duck for Android

Let's face it, who doesn't like a good fart joke? It's guaranteed to break the ice at parties, that's for sure. Duck Fart is a fun entertainment application for Android that continues the classy tradition of fart applications like 101 Farts and Whoopee Cushion letting you relieve the tension (no pun intended) in tight situations where you need something to lighten the load. Gee, there were a lot of double entendres in there, weren't there?  More

Duck Fart Jan 8th 2012

Make some noise.

Sometimes words just aren't enough are they? Sometimes to get your true feelings across you need a button to get your message across with bells on. Or maybe you just to want to create a bit of a buzz on something you are trying to promote. Make it big...make it bright...make it a button. Button Party is a fun audio design tool that will get your message across and you'll maybe put a smile on people's faces too.   Button Party is a website that lets you make some noise in the big world out there. It enables you to create buttons that play sounds and then you can share them with your ...  More

Button Party Oct 20th 2011

Collecting the world! The world's largest general knowledge collecting competition.

ilustrum is an online competitive and fun knowledge game that awards you free daily 'coins' which you can useto 'buy' trivia questions. When you answer a question correctly you can win up to three of the coveted ilustrums  (or photos) depending on how quick on the draw you were when you answered the question. The point of the game is to collect all of the ilustrums into an album.   ilustrum is a really cool and very competitive trivia game for you and your friends. Every day you connect you will get paid some sestertius (ilustrum currency). The higher your status is, the more you ...  More

ilustrum Sep 28th 2011

Explore crazy and interesting ways to spend your dollars.

Well...what a strange little app What you can Buy is. It's strangely hypnotic though in a funny sort of way and a very colorful and amusing advice tool that is basically a portal to investigate what you could buy for a given amount of money. All you have to do is to type the amount you wish to spend into the bright and inviting box and all sorts of suggestions will come up...some inspired, some benefactorial and some just plain weird.  More

What can you Buy Aug 15th 2011

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