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A step by step business plan app that can get your new business funded too


How many times have we heard the phrase 'get yourself a business plan together' when you are thinking of starting up something new? Of course, a plan and a mission statement are both important things for the budding entrepreneur but it's not quite so easy putting a plan together when you are not sure where the money is coming from to fund it or you've never done it before. BusinessPlanToday is a unique, two-fold business plan creation application that not only let's you create your professional plan using an easy, step-by-step process but also gives you the tools to work out how much ...  More

BusinessPlanToday Apr 10th 2014

A brand new way of supporting charities without handing over a penny

SocialTransactions (or STRX as it will be known) is a next generation charity and fundraising application where everyone is a winner. It is a platform that really does make it simple for people to support their favorite non profit causes without handing over a penny of their own money. This very clever application works on the "affiliate marketing concept" where designated non profit organizations are paid money directly by advertisers when a purchase is made at virtually any online store   Online stores pay billions in sales commissions every year to third parties who advertise and ...  More

SocialTransactions Nov 21st 2012

What would you do if you were a refugee?

There is a groundbreaking and multi award winning TV documentary series emanating from Australia called "Go Back To Where You Came From" that put six regular Aussies in the position of refugees who attempt the death defying boat trip from Malaysia to the North of Australia. When being put in the same position as the 'boat people' all six got an eye-opening look at the reason why someone would put their whole family on a rickety boat and risk their lives rather than stay in their own country. There are many reasons but, the bottom line is, they figure that it couldn't possibly be any worse ...  More

My Life as a Refugee Jun 30th 2012


DonorKite is a complete donation management software that empowers churches, charities, and ...  More

donations fundraising non profit

Feb 4th 2022


Fundra is a fundraising application designed with principles of transparency and accountability. ...  More

fundraising ios financial

Dec 9th 2018


Handbid has powered hundreds of events and delighted thousands of bidders in the process. With ...  More

ios bidding bid

Sep 12th 2018

Touchkin - StayClose

Care across continents, without saying a word. Get real-time visibility of your family’s ...  More

wellness social mobile apps

Nov 30th 2015


Shop brand name second hand kids clothes that raise funds for schools at Schoola! Schoola is a ...  More

ecommerce fundraising schools

Jul 22nd 2015

DoJiggy - Online Fundraising

DoJiggy provides a complete line of online fundraising software solutions for all of the most ...  More

fundraising online

Apr 24th 2015

The Onevest Blog

Onevest is one of the leading startup investing marketplaces with the largest ecosystem of ...  More

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Mar 11th 2015

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