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Everything you ever wanted in a marketplace app

From a buyers point of view, one of the more annoying traits of viewing the many classified marketplaces that are available online is the poor design that many are built around. Personally speaking, if I'm looking at a site that I find difficult to navigate or hard to understand I tend to click on the little cross in the corner of the screen and move on to a different one. So, it's my pleasure to announce that I've found one that does pretty much everything that I want in an advertising site. EasyAds is a comprehensive and fully customizable advertising site that is perfect for both ...  More

EasyAds - Complex Classified Ads Application Jul 18th 2017

Keep your family safe in cyberspace

Every parent wants to know that their kids are safe and protected from the things that could harm them whether it be in the real world or the digital world. However, it can cause enormous domestic problems if your kids think that you're looking over their shoulder all the time. One of the more effective ways of keeping an eye on them is with a phone monitoring device. FeedMyApp has reviewed many of them over the years. However, I don't think that we've seen one yet that does the job quite as well as the one we have here. Family Orbit is a mobile app for iOS and Android that acts as a ...  More

Family Orbit Jul 17th 2017

Forget the rest, Vanish is the ultimate secure messenger

Everywhere we look these days, we are being told that our online communications are in peril of being hacked or listened in to. If it isn't the Russians, the Chinese or the North Koreans it's our own Governments who want to be able to monitor our online conversations. No wonder many are turning to Virtual Private Networks to protect their privacy. Some might think that messaging chat apps are the way to go and use popular services like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Signal to get their messages across securely. However, all have suffered with privacy issues over the last ...  More

Vanish Messenger Jul 9th 2017

The most effective way to transmit and ingest knowledge

The thirst for knowledge is something that will never disappear. More and more people around the world are attending universities and colleges at the completion of their school year and every country seems to want to be called the innovation nation. However, with the cost of education going up and up, it's not always possible for everyone to take advantage of the teaching facilities that are out there especially as some just want to refine their skills on a single subject. Get a book and learn, some might say. However, there's nothing quite like a one-on-one session with an expert that ...  More

Zeqr Jul 5th 2017

Turn your landscape videos into smartphone format in a matter of minutes

There's no doubt that one of the more annoying traits of watching videos on our mobiles is when they have been shot and edited in the landscape format. Rather than utilizing the full size of our mobile screen - which is pretty small anyway - we are left with a rather unsatisfying and minuscule image of the video that we are trying to watch. And, given that so many of us tend to do most of our video watching on our smartphones, that's a problem that needs to be solved.  More Jun 26th 2017

How to monetize the photos and videos that you usually give away free on your social network

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about social media sites like Facebook using content without consent and then selling it on to a third party. You've probably seen those disclaimers that people post that attempt to protect their photos and videos. In truth, they are all a bit silly and do little to protect anyone's rights. The fact is, the best way to protect the integrity of your posts is via the use of the privacy option where they are only visible to our inner circle of friends. Whatever the situation, we continue to post our precious content onto our favorite social ...  More

Paybookclub Cash For Content Jun 16th 2017

A dedicated social network filled with great videos

The one comment that I hear more often than any other when discussing social media sites with friends is that they are fed up with the volume of irrelevant content being posted - especially on Facebook. Whether it's the relentless advertising, the constant Trump overload, the neverending selfies or the plethora of self-indulgent status updates, they can all just be a distraction from the things that you are truly looking for. And, if that thing is cool videos then you won't have to look too much further than this one.  More

Swish Video Jun 16th 2017

Compare prices on all South African domestic flights from one place

Since the apartheid policies of the past were overthrown in the early 1990's, tourism to South Africa has surged to the point where it has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Since 1994, the country has enjoyed a democratic government and visitors have flocked there from the four corners of the globe to enjoy the adventure, sports, nature and wildlife travel that can't be found anywhere else in the world. There are three major international airports in major cities - Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban - and over ninety regional airports including the Kruger Mpumalanga ...  More

Domestic Flight South Africa Jun 9th 2017

A trading and investment platform that makes it easy for both novices and experts


Back in 2007 'anyoption' revolutionized the global investment trading industry when it introduced something called 'binary options' into the equation. Whereas before, trading was all about the buying and selling of commodities, this new speculative method offered a new concept of trading with low cost entry fees and intuitive trading environments - making it much easier for regular people to get involved. A binary option invites traders to open a position on the future direction of an underlying asset whether it is stock, commodity, currency exchange rate or index.  More

Binary Options - anyoption Jun 4th 2017

All the stickers, emojis and GIF's that youll ever need

Android:  More

It's a little known fact but stickers first came to prominence as a result of the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami in Japan in 2011. Apparently, much of Japan's telecom networks were severely disrupted and under extreme stress at the time and data-based calls and text messages worked far better than regular calls and text messages. Up until 2013 stickers were still mostly restricted to the Asian market but pretty soon US companies began to pick up on the craze and now the sticker revolution has well and truly taken off and has turned into a messaging phenomenon that is used extensively all ...  More

Sticker Market May 18th 2017