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Put UP or shut UP!

While an app like PromiseUP is basically a bit of fun, there is also an element of philanthropic betterment about it too. It's said that the world would be a better place if people actually stuck to the things they say and the promises they make. This is an app where you can challenge your friends to lay their money and reputation on the line and stick to something they have promised to do. With PromiseUP you can finally call that friend on the boasts that they have been making or you can challenge them to achieve something that you think would improve their life - like losing weight or ...  More

PromiseUP Jan 29th 2013

Sports Strip Cardss

Stop paying for strip cards made of paper. Everything has an app now. This app has multiple ...  More

betting gambling android

Sep 23rd 2018


Picture yourself at the pub, watching football with some friends. One of them slaps $5 on the ...  More

social football soccer

Jul 6th 2017

Poker Odds - Watch Edition

Poker Odds - Watch Edition is the first Poker Odds calculator to run on the Apple Watch. The ...  More

gambling game ios

Feb 20th 2016

Beat the Dealer!

The purpose of this application is to provide Blackjack players the best option (mathematically) ...  More

gambling game android

Dec 16th 2015


Everything in your Hands! Wherever you are, the best trading app is now with you at all ...  More

android gambling game

Oct 7th 2014


We are an Irish based startup called Tubett, a free online viral video stock market game ...  More

gambling game startup

Aug 21st 2014

Now Get Sports Help in Your Mobile

With over a decade of service in the sports handicapping industry, we have found big changes ...  More

android gambling ios

Jun 13th 2014

Bettify, betting goes social

Bettify is a social betting game that allows you to bet against your Facebook friends and any ...  More

gambling entertainment facebook

Apr 28th 2014


Nothing beats the thrill of betting on sports, but there's only once place to really experience ...  More

social gambling

Feb 2nd 2014

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