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Zofari is a new kind of personalized city guide. You tell us your favorite neighborhood, ...  More

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Apr 18th 2013

Move On Inspirational Quotes, Motivation Quotes & Famous Quotes for Motivational Success

Move On ! Be positive. Sometimes life gets tough. We need that little motivation and inspiration ...  More

advice education family

Apr 15th 2013

Bucharest City Puzzle

Are you ready for the ultimate location based app, custom-made for Bucharest? A growing app ...  More

fun guide maps

Mar 25th 2013

Australia Student Guide

Maintained by local Australian students, this app is designed to help prospective or current ...  More

calendar guide student

Mar 11th 2013


Cutetown app is a 3D-editor for iPad that allows to create a beautiful map, the most beautiful ...  More

architecture building collaboration

Jan 30th 2013

Snow Season Central

Snow Season Central is a guide to working a snow season at mountain resorts around the world. It ...  More

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Jan 17th 2013


Have you ever found yourself in a new city looking for something cool to do around your place ...  More

geolocalisation guide local

Jan 14th 2013


Tipspedia is a unique and truly innovative app that provides timely solutions, ideas and ...  More

facebook family guide

Dec 22nd 2012


Are you making a film or are you in the middle of making one? Congratulations! You probably want ...  More

guide movie

Dec 21st 2012


WikiDo is a local event search engine. Searchers can find nearby concerts, social ...  More

data beta calendar

Dec 19th 2012

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