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The sexual technique that you can keep on your bedside table

If I said to you that the best way to deal with sexual problems in the bedroom was to open up your mobile phone, the chances are that most of you would think I was stark raving mad, wouldn't you?  It goes against pretty much everything we've been taught over the years. The golden rule has always been to concentrate on your partner and to turn off your phone and enjoy it. However, we have a doctor here called Dr Farrage who thinks differently. He has developed an app for couples who have a specific problem in their sexual relationship - notably premature ejaculation - that involves ...  More

Ejacontro Oct 2nd 2018

Missing your Sudoku rush? Try this new Twist on the numbers game.

Do you remember when the Sudoku craze really took hold back in the early 2000's? For a while there it seemed that, no matter where you went, there would be someone sitting next to you playing it. You’d have to say that it was the Candy Crush of its day - albeit with a little more intelligence needed. Bizarrely, the game reached such epidemic proportions that a million dollar drug trial in Australia was aborted when it was discovered that five of the twelve jurors were playing Sudoku rather than listening to the evidence. Naturally, because of its worldwide success, there were a ...  More

Shikaku Twist Sep 19th 2018

Send fabulous e-cards and add a monetary gift with your greeting


When was the last time you actually went into a shop and bought a greetings card? Was it for Christmas? A birthday? Valentine's Day? Do you remember how much you paid for it? It's expensive. While not wishing to be looked upon as a bit of a cheapskate, I find it rather bizarre to have to fork out around five bucks for a bit of mass-produced cardboard with a stock photo and a few words on it. Then there's postage on top, of course. To give you an idea how popular they are, it's expected that Americans will spend around $860 million on about 150 million Valentine cards next February. That ...  More

birdegreetings Sep 14th 2018

Buy your fashion apparel here and support American small business rather than Amazon

If you've wandered down Main Street lately you'll know that things are changing. More and more, the stores we've loved and frequented on a regular basis over the years are disappearing. They're not closing their doors because the goods they sell aren't any good though - the goods they stock are just as great as they were when you were a kid. The fact is, nearly 80% of Americans now do a lot of their shopping online (up from 22% in 2000) and 51% of people have bought something online from their mobile phone. While many of these stores have embraced the future by creatingan online presence ...  More

Couture Lane Sep 11th 2018

Continual monitoring of your website to make sure it's running at optimum levels all the time

Many people think that all the hard work is done as soon as they've created their website and got it up and running. All they've got to do now is to sit back and wait for the orders to come rolling in. Unfortunately, that's not always the case for a variety of reasons. One the worst problems - and it's one that is hard to figure out without your own testing equipment - is when your site isn't running efficiently and effectively. I don't know about you, but personally, if I take a look at a new website and it's slow to load or the pages don't respond correctly, I just move on to the next ...  More

Dareboost Aug 18th 2018

A better way to break bad habits and achieve goals

For an astonishingly large amount of people, the end of each year signals the annual commitment to create New Year resolutions. It's not a new thing. The Babylonians probably started it way back when as they made promises to their gods at the beginning of each year to return any borrowed items and pay off their debts. These days, resolutions have been redefined as goals. Rather than returning borrowed items and paying off debts, it's now all about building good habits and putting things into practice that can improve our everyday lives. Some will want to stop smoking while others will want ...  More

Tackler Aug 17th 2018

Keep your private passwords and security info completely private

The normal reaction when a work colleague emails you with a request for a lost password, sensitive material or private information is to say yes and to email them the relevant details straight away, isn't it? Does it achieve its purpose? Yes, it certainly does. Is it safe from the prying eyes of others, though? Not in a month of Sundays, as my old mum would say. For a start, emails, texts and instant messages could be left open by the recipient allowing a third party to read them. However, just as dangerous is the fact that your private information could be stored on any number of insecure ...  More

SafeShare Aug 14th 2018

A dating app for all races, colors and sexual persuasions

While doing a little research for the review of this app I found out a few really interesting facts. I was astonished to find out that, in the US alone, there are about 2,500 dating apps available with about 1,000 new ones opening up every year. Some estimate that, at any given time, there are as many as 8,000 worldwide. In my online travels and apart from the obvious Tinders and Grinders, I found straight and gay apps, black-white apps, Asian apps, Christian apps, geek apps, women in prison apps and even Star Trek dating apps, for gods sake. Each has its own thing that sets it apart from ...  More

Mix Amore Jul 26th 2018

Looking for a full time job or you have a task that needs to be done? Look no further

According to the latest figures, the unemployment rate in the UK is at its lowest since records were first recorded back in 1971. While those figures have to be commended, it's rather sobering to note that it has taken almost ten years to recover from the disaster of the GFC back in 2008-9. The downside is that people are working longer hours, wages growth has stagnated and many of the new jobs are part time. It doesn't help that many economists are predicting a new financial crisis in the not so distant future - especially with Brexit looming and Trump's America first policy continuing. ...  More

The Job Auction Jul 19th 2018

Bring your Chatbot's to life with next generation technology

If you asked a number of potential customers about their most frustrating experience when dealing with an online business I'm betting that most of them will say that there's not much worse than sitting on the phone for half an hour while waiting for customer service. It's made worse when it's just a simple question that needs answering. And that's why the chatbot was invented. It enables customers to ask and get answers to frequently asked questions via an automated service. Amazingly enough, the first chatbot was created back in the early to mid 60's but the phrase itself wasn't really ...  More Jul 18th 2018