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Everyone loves pandas. MoodPanda is a free interactive mood diary for iPhone, mobile and web browser that can be a benefit to your health and wellbeing as well as beings lots of fun. Many psychologists and therapists suggest that keeping a mood diary can be very therapeutic and can help towards the first steps of treating symptoms of depression, bipolar disorders and even PMS. But it wasn't designed for people fighting's an added bonus.  More Aug 24th 2011


Kinde is a social network on a mission to make the world a happier place by breaking the silence ...  More

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The Blys app is the fastest, easiest and safest way to get an affordable, professional massage ...  More

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Sudoku Pen & Paper

SUDOKU LIKE IN REAL LIFE, ONLY BETTER Sudoku Pen & Paper is a traditional approach to solving ...  More

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HeadUp Labs

Sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch to the HeadUp Labs app & see your personalised human dashboard ...  More

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Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index is a perfect tool to calculate your body mass index! With accurate results you ...  More

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SniperSight Natural Sight Without Glasses Our App was design to be very simple, unitarian ...  More

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Kaimo is an online platform for people to explore a growing library of diets, supplements, and ...  More

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Tackler is the app that will ultimately change your life. HOW CAN IT HELP ME? - You can ...  More

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Cover art Healthtap: Yummly raw superfood 30 day recipe

Healthtap: Yummly mealime superfood 30 day recipe is awesome unique pocket collection of ...  More

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