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Everyone loves pandas. MoodPanda is a free interactive mood diary for iPhone, mobile and web browser that can be a benefit to your health and wellbeing as well as beings lots of fun. Many psychologists and therapists suggest that keeping a mood diary can be very therapeutic and can help towards the first steps of treating symptoms of depression, bipolar disorders and even PMS. But it wasn't designed for people fighting's an added bonus.  More Aug 24th 2011


ShareSpace is a social media like platform that provides a safe space to share what you are ...  More

mentalhealth social media android

Jun 1st 2021

Plant Nanny² Water Tracker

Plant Nanny¬≤ is a cute water reminder app that keeps track of how much water you drink, ...  More

water self-care hydration

May 17th 2021

Natural Remedies: healthy life

Natural Remedies is the health app for your wellbeing and natural lifestyle. It has healthy ...  More

nature health ios

May 10th 2021


Buzzinga - Do It. Show It. Win It. Buzzinga is a reward-based fitness challenge app, where ...  More

healthandwellness fitness health and fitness apps

May 6th 2021


Boost is your personal fitness coach. All you need is your smartphone to get fully interactive ...  More

ai assistant android workout

Mar 15th 2021


TheraNow, a pioneer in telehealth rehabilitation and online physical therapy services, has ...  More

health products online android health

Mar 10th 2021

Basis Health

Basis is an early stage company that offers continuous, passive and real-time health tracking ...  More

health health record app ios

Feb 17th 2021

Clearful Journal

Clearful is a private digital journal that helps you rise above the ups and downs of everyday ...  More

app ios journal

Sep 25th 2020

Outrun - weekly step contest

Outrun allows you to win actual real life money (transferred to your chosen account), by ...  More

running motivation uk

Jun 21st 2020

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