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Free, retina friendly high def wallpaper for your iDevices

You would think that there would be enough wallpaper applications out there to fill the Titanic but, after having a look through the images compiled by Wallpaper.HD, there is always room for one more. We are constantly looking for suitable and attractive images to beautify our online presence -whether it be for our social network page, our home computer screen or our business design - and this design app for iOS certainly delivers it in spades. Wallpaper.HD delivers thousands of totally free high definition images in numerous categories that you can download and share with your family and ...  More

Wallpaper.HD Oct 20th 2013

You What?! Free Football Chant iPhone App - 10,000+ Real Audio Soccer Chants

The No.1 football chant website has just released a new free iPhone app. The app plays over 10,000 real football chants recorded from fans of 500+ teams and is free to download on iTunes. receives hundreds, sometimes thousands, of audio chants monthly from soccer fans all around the world so the archive just keeps growing. From Argentine harmonies and Brazilian Samba beats, to German chanting and British funnies, the FanChants iPhone app has every football fan catered forAlerts - New chants and Staff PicksUsers register their favourite team within the app to be ...  More

FanChants iPhone app Jan 29th 2012

Vent and rant about your boss

Yes you read it correctly. This rather humorous review app is called FMyBoss but in reality its really called F#%£MyBoss. So what's it all about I hear you say? Well it's an app for venting and letting off a bit of steam. FMyBoss is a place you can go to sound off with all your grievances about your boss at work. All the dumb things that do and don't get done, all the stupid things they implement and all the things you zip up about when your boss turns up while you are chatting around the water cooler at tea break.   FMyBoss turns out to be a rather hilarious app which allows ...  More

FMyBoss Jan 16th 2012

Explore crazy and interesting ways to spend your dollars.

Well...what a strange little app What you can Buy is. It's strangely hypnotic though in a funny sort of way and a very colorful and amusing advice tool that is basically a portal to investigate what you could buy for a given amount of money. All you have to do is to type the amount you wish to spend into the bright and inviting box and all sorts of suggestions will come up...some inspired, some benefactorial and some just plain weird.  More

What can you Buy Aug 15th 2011


With our library of over 8,000 GIFs, you can customize all of your favorite GIFs from sports, ...  More

sports humor text

Jun 29th 2018

F-Chops WeatherPod

Yet another weather app but with a twist. You get all the weather info that you need at a glance ...  More

humor weather android

Dec 6th 2016

Bajewel Knights warriors & evil dragons

Hey Heroes! Tune up your Knights Warrior senses, sharpen your instincts and fighting ...  More

adventure best family

Mar 17th 2016


Trendis is your one stop entertainment destination.Be the first to catch the most trending & ...  More

entertainment humor android

Feb 19th 2016


Test your reflexes and Sumo training skills with ConSumo! Help Mr. Sumo to gather food as part ...  More

entertainment fun game

Feb 5th 2016

Submarine Dive

Submarine Dive is a fun game in which the player controls a submarine. The main object of the ...  More

adventure android fun

Jan 8th 2016

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