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Comedy Majors

In the age of information overload, curated content is the saviour. Humour is the world's best ...  More

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Create Technology Bullshit In Seconds, a new web tool that helps you generate and come up with some of the tech ...  More

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Pun Quiz

Do you like solving cryptic crossword puzzles? And what about lateral thinking problems? Just ...  More

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Are you the funny guy in the crowd? Than thz Zapz 4 you! It's the only App that Replicates the ...  More

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Travel To Little Known Places

Travel To Little Known Places is a fun website with humorous stories of a couple's adventures to ...  More

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Hungry Bird

Summary: “Hungry Bird” is the best funny role playing arcade type game which is released for ...  More

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Squid Up

Meet a curious little squid that has a mission to save what is left of the world. Steer this ...  More

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Earth Defender- Master Plaster

The master is a bionic adhesive bandage that cover the holes in the ozone. your mission is to ...  More

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Good manners quiz

Do you want to remind yourself of the rules of etiquette or learn what they are? You can do this ...  More

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Cleveland isn't know for its Tech/Startup scene. So over the past couple of months, a few of ...  More

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