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Automatically illustrate your pages with relevant photos

One of the problems for copy writers for web pages is that they have far more interest in words than they do with the overall presentation. While it is the written word that is going to sell your product or idea to your customers, there is not a lot of point if your visitors get bored with the site before they get your message. This can be achieved a number of ways but the simplest way is to illustrate your article with relevant pictures to draw the eye of your visitors and have a better chance of keeping them reading. It can be very painful and  time consuming to find relevant free ...  More

Imonomy May 25th 2013

Give yourself movie-star looks with this great little photoshop

We all need a bit of a touch up every now and again, don't we? And when it comes to our online photos, it's pretty easy to take out all those little blemishes in our skin if you have the right photo editing tools for the job. Many editing tools will do a fair amount of the work for you like red eye removal and general spottyness but now there is a great little photoshop app that is custom designed for the job. BeautyPlus is a free photo editor that is probably going to be adored by girls everywhere. It features a whole spectrum of great tools to enhance the beauty of your photo portraits ...  More

BeautyPlus Apr 28th 2013

Have voice control over your photo slideshows

Developers' IT-Effects might not realize it but they might well have produced an app here that will be of great benefit to small children and the disabled. V.I.P. is a photo application that works on the voice control concept and delivers an interactive slide show of pictures from the net. And with mobile iDevices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the very user friendly IPad the norm these days, V.I.P. proves itself to be a perfect way for the very young or the physically disadvantaged to have control of their slideshows. On the other hand, if the rest of us are just feeling lazy and can't ...  More

V.I.P Oct 14th 2012

Hot tag your photos and keep your customers satisfied

There has not been a huge amount of new innovation in newspapers for quite a few years unless you count their shrinking sizes and circulation. However, there is one new trick that you might have noticed recently. Have you seen those little tags attached to stories or pictures in your newspaper or magazine that are interactive? When you scan them with your smartphone you are taken to other related links and multimedia content that explains the story more. Taggstar is a new social publishing and sharing application that turns your two dimensional web page into a third dimension multimedia ...  More

Taggstar Sep 30th 2012

Everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese animation

No, Anime Doctor isn't a virtual medical app where you can submit your ailments for online appraisal nor is it the home of an online vet. For the uninitiated, Anime began as a Japanese art form from the early part of the 20th Century. However, since the 1960's it has become one of the fastest moving and most influential art movements of our time. Anime, and the  Manga magazines that put it on the street, reflects populist art and design that has not only inspired much of Disney's recent work but often gives an insight into Japanese society that is hidden from other media forms. Anime ...  More

Anime Doctor Sep 23rd 2012

Turn your iOS pasteboard into a smorgasboard

Now this is a very useful addition to the iOS device arsenal that I can see being used a lot. Clipswap is an application that totally expands the copy and paste functionality for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone by letting you keep multiple items on your pasteboard and quickly switch between one and the other as you need them. This free app lets you keep many images on the board in slots and simply tapping them to move from one to the other.   ClipSwap is a utility for expanding the copy and paste functionality of your iOS Device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch). With ClipSwap you can keep ...  More

Clipswap Jul 13th 2012

A photoshop to change the color of your day

How many photo apps do you have on your iDevice, I wonder. I guess most of you have Instagram which seems to have exploded beyond belief. What about Photo Toaster or Powersketch? You can see reviews of both of those two on Feedmyapp too. Photo LOL is a virtual photoshop of effects that specializes in retouching and recoloring your photos to turn them into great pieces of art to amaze your friends. What's more, it's incredibly easy to use and heaps of fun when you get the hang of it.   Photo LoL is an incredible photo-retouch iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application that has the ability ...  More

Photo LoL Jun 10th 2012

What would you buy if money was no option?

What would you buy if you won the lottery, i wonder. They reckon that most lottery winners spend everything they win in the first five years and, I can only assume, that they spend all their money in Most Expensive. Here is a fun entertainment app that brings out the Paris Hilton in all of us. It's a fantasy shopping app (well, I guess the fantasy depends on how much money you have in the bank) that let's you search and find some of the most expensive items that money can buy - assuming you have the dosh, of course.   If you've ever been to Vegas you'll have noticed all the ritzy ...  More

Most Expensive Apr 13th 2012

Create images with pictograms and text

If you are looking to add some snazzy images and pictograms to jazz up your blog, website or Facebook page then Pictotool could well be of interest to you. It's a free and ultra simple to use design and image creation tool that supplies plenty of cool and unusual graphics into which you can insert text and change various colors. Then just hit the generate button and download the image to your computer before uploading it to it's desired location.   Pictotool is a free web tool where you can create fun images or stickers and add pictograms and text to get your social networking friends ...  More

Pictotool Apr 9th 2012

Instantly amazing Instagram photos in real time

If you look for the word Instamazing in the Urban Dictionary it will be described as an amalgamation between the words 'Instantly' and 'Amazing' which seems to be a rather apt description of this well timed free image and photo share application. It's the place to go to see the squillions of wonderfully warped photos submitted by Instagram members. You can view the artistic photographic skills in real time and coming at you from all parts of the world.   So, there may be some people out there who aren't sure what Instagram actually is. I know it's hard to believe but I saw an ...  More

Instamazing Mar 18th 2012

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