Influencer Recruitment apps

The Job Auction

Job board and auction platform for jobs and skills. Advertise your jobs or auction them off for ...  More

jobs skills career

Jul 4th 2018


Offer multiple choices to your followers when they click on your Bio link. Share all your Social ...  More

urls kols instagram

Jun 8th 2018

Peek jobs

Peek is a recruitment app designed to combat the fact that nearly 90% of job-leavers do so ...  More

android ios careers

May 30th 2017

Placed Recruitment

Placed App, the new revolutionary mobile and web application designed to match hospitality ...  More

hr hospitality recruitment

Jan 30th 2017


GoHire is online recruitment software that significantly improves how companies analyse, manage ...  More

recruitment productivity human-resources

Oct 21st 2016


Intellifluence makes it easy to connect with real people with real audiences and manage your ...  More

influencer influencer recruitment social commerce

Aug 17th 2016


Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform for small businesses, which you can try out ...  More

social media marketing influencer

Aug 5th 2016


JobRudder is a beautiful record of your deeds and accomplishments. It takes the pain out of ...  More

hr resume work

Jul 26th 2016


ATryBox is a User Testing Marketplace that connects startups with people across the US who’re ...  More

recruitment usability test

Jun 6th 2016


BestEmployees is changing the way jobs are filled. ​It bring​s​ ​growth ​opportunities to ​you ...  More

employment recruitment android

Apr 4th 2016

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