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Save your blushes with this self destruct photo and video app that works on any platform

You might have seen a review of an app that FeedMyApp featured recently called iDelete that allowed you to send a photo or message to someone but with a time sensitive self destruct mechanism attached. It went one step further than the phenomenal SnapChat that caused such a stir last year. Well here we have another contender that is guaranteed to save a few blushes. ReadOnce differs from both those two messaging apps however in that it works across all platforms and supports audio, video, images as well as text.   ReadOnce is an online service for generating one-time only messages so ...  More

ReadOnce Apr 4th 2013

Make sure that your photos don't end up where Weiner's did

If iDelete had been around a few years ago, former US Congressman Anthony Weiner would probably still be reasonably anonymous...and still have his job. Weiner was caught after sending an explicit picture of himself to a woman in Seattle. The picture went viral and, pretty soon, his career was in tatters. He's not the only person who was been caught with their pants down when sending 'sensitive' pictures to 'friends.' A few months back saw the introduction of an app called Snapchat that went some way to solving the problem by having a time-sensitive self destruct option when sending racy ...  More

iDelete Mar 23rd 2013

Get your social community to compare worldwide product prices

Your local Main Street retailer isn't going to like hearing this but there are an awful lot of items that can be bought at much cheaper prices in other countries rather than at your local shopping complex. And while it may not be particularly good for the local economy, if you spent a bit of time shopping around online you can probably find your item at a better price in a store in a different country. The problem is, do you get hold of your item after you've found it? PriceItBuy takes your online shopping social by connecting you with a network of shoppers all around the ...  More

PriceItBuy Feb 6th 2013

One of the great travel apps just got even better

We ran a review of this excellent travel app a few months ago but since it has just been seriously updated with some eye popping new features we thought it deserved a further mention. Go Pro Traveling have just launched an exciting, unique and very cool bunch of new features including one that takes your maps LIVE. Now, when you create a travel map, it is transformer into an animated map so you can physically see exactly the route you need to take and it does this without the use of any Flash technology. Add this to the bold new interface and another feature that lets your friends ...  More

Go Pro Travelling Oct 19th 2012

Send family and friends warm thoughts wherever you are

We are all so busily involved in our own lives these days that it's easy to forget to tell the ones that we love how we feel about them. Often we are far removed in distance from friends and family that the only way we can keep in touch is via the telephone and through various online methods including social networks and email. While the Internet is a godsend for instant communication there is no doubt it can be a little 'cold' when it comes to emotions. Thinking Of You is a new free messaging and productivity application for iOS that gives you a better and more personal way of expressive ...  More

Thinking Of You Sep 9th 2012

Keep in touch with friends and colleagues in real time

When you think about it, Glassmap owes as much to the Starship Enterprise as it does to evolving geolocation technology. All this comprehensive GPS and communication application needs to complete it is a button that says "Beam me up Scotty" and it would fit nicely on Spock's utility belt. Glassmap goes under the title of a geolocation device but, in reality, it's way more than just that. Not only does it let you share your exact location with friends but there are also tools to share photos in real time, co-ordinate meetings, chat messaging and VoIP. In fact, pretty well everything you ...  More

Glassmap Jul 2nd 2012

See where you are going when typing and messaging

How many times have you tripped up or bumped into someone or something while walking and typing a message or SMS? Come on, admit it, you've done it plenty of times - right? Walk Type Share is a unique messaging application for your iDevices that lets you type your message while still being able to see where you are going with the aid of your inbuilt camera. The live camera and transparent keyboard mean you will never again embarrass yourself by bumping into that grouchy bloke when texting in your lunch break.   WalkTypeShare is a messaging app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which ...  More

Walk Type Share Jun 9th 2012

An interview with Personixx main man Gary Kawesch

Cast of Characters:   The Situation. -Mike Sorrentino -  Jersey Shore Andy Dick. - upcoming Elmore Leonard's Freaky Deaky Snooki. - Nicole Polizzi - Jersey Shore Patti Stanger - Millionaire Matchmaker Robin Lynch - Lifestyles of the rich and famous Natalie Nunn - Bad Girls Club / Love Games Taylor Armstrong - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kiowa Gordon - Twilight Lamont Hollywood - ABC's Coast To Coast Vienna Girardi - ABC's The Bachelor George Noory - ABC's Coast To Coast Nic Richie - the Jim Plunkett - Legendary Oakland Raiders player   Developed by Voxbox Inc ...  More

Personixx Greetings Jun 7th 2012

Map and blog your air and road trips in the same place

Regular FeedMyApp readers will know how much we like a good travel app and Go Pro Travelling is certainly a good travel app...with benefits. With more than a nod in the direction of Gmaps in view of design Go Pro is a comprehensive free travel app that let's you plan, map and personalize your trip and add information and photos pre and post trip before sharing your details with friends and family via your favorite social network.   Go Pro Travelling is a web-based application that allows all kinds of travelers to map, explore and share their trips with extreme detail. It lets you ...  More

Go Pro Travelling May 22nd 2012

Get Snooki and The Situation to voice your messages

When I mentioned to my daughter that I was reviewing this messaging and networking application and that it featured Snooki and The Situation from MTV's Jersey Shore tv show it was met with rapturous approval. That is the kind of adulation that surrounds these tv celebrities as they serve up their very own slice of life and often censored wherever they go. Let's face it, Snooki is almost American royalty these days. Now they have joined forces with a bunch of other celebs for this new free app from US company VoxBox Inc to provide a unique and completely customized phone and text message ...  More

Personixx Greetings May 4th 2012

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