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Wealthyhood is a Smart, Personalized and Commission-free, next-generation Money Manager that ...  More

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SquirrelSave is a consumer global investment platform, using AI and Machine Learning, enabling ...  More

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Mark Lyck

We provide value investment stock signals with a +90% win rate.
 Why invest with us? Usually ...  More

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The Money Pouch

The Money Pouch is a free automated stock trading app for residents in Asia, Latin America, the ...  More

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Empower the artists you love, share profits with them. We allow fans to buy a piece of music ...  More

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Want to debunk the information overload surrounding bitcoin & other ...  More

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Formula Stock

Formula Stocks provides easy-to-follow stock recommendations based on 14 years of research and ...  More

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Exeq is the all-in-one mobile app for your finances. Exeq helps you budget, save, and invest ...  More

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The purpose of WhichTrust is to simplify the process of buying, holding and selling Investment ...  More

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