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TwoFold tells managers how to onboard their new hires, when to have check-in meetings with their ...  More

advice b2b business

May 24th 2015


Zealots helps businesses in hiring top quality administrative professionals by providing ...  More

job employment

May 17th 2015


PlanMyShift is designed for shift workers to help them manage their shifts easily. The focus ...  More

calendar job organize

May 16th 2015

Legal Newsance

Curated by humans, Legal Newsance is a content discovery app that helps professionals quickly ...  More

events job legal

May 13th 2015

Breezy HR

Recruiting software for small teams doing big things. A uniquely simple, visual recruiting ...  More

job recruitment saas

May 12th 2015


GetSerio is where serious companies and reliable freelancers meet their match. We're so ...  More

freelance freelancer freelancing

May 11th 2015

Pulse - Anonymous communication tool for enterprises

Pulse is an anonymous communication tool for enterprises and organizations. Create and share ...  More

communication job messaging

Apr 4th 2015

Easy Resume Builder

Now you can keep your resume always with you so if anyone asks for your resume you can ...  More

promotion education ios

Mar 31st 2015

Easy Resume Builder

Now your resume is always with you. If anyone asks you for your resume don’t ask time ...  More

career education google

Mar 30th 2015

Job Estimate and Repair Order

The Job Estimate and Repair Order mobile app is designed to provide detailed information ...  More

building business development

Mar 26th 2015

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