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Zartis helps great companies hire amazing people.

The planning, organization and overall drain on administrative resources that comes with a recruitment drive is often enough to put many business owners off. Zartis however might just have the features anyone regularly looking to strengthen their teams could need.   More

Set up couldn’t be easier and with just two lines of code inserted into your company website you can have your own job board ready to go in minutes where candidates can apply for advertised posts. All details entered are automatically sent to your talent pool so even if a candidate is unsuccessful initially his or her details will remain on file for future consideration.  More

Zartis Jul 18th 2011

Discover A Better Way To Manage Your Job Posts

For any small company, or even startup, when it comes to hiring good people to help grow the business it’s often a bit of a hit and miss affair. has been developed with these types of business in mind and provides all the tools necessary to give a high level of organization to the process.  More

JobMuncher Jul 8th 2011

Employers and Employees Review their Staffing Companies

When it comes to customer reviews for most businesses they can be very useful but usually only come from one direction. In the case of staff agencies, be they permanent or temporary, they are exposed on two fronts.   More


Staffing Reviews Jun 26th 2011

Hire Creativity and Passion

This website makes a very pertinent point when it says startups shouldn’t hire like other companies because they are not like other companies. Wise words and this jobsite aims to match talented graduates with a strong desire to get involved with a startup to the perfect partner.  More

The jobs page itself can be viewed by anyone but if you’re a graduate looking to advertise your talent or a startup with a job to post you need to register and set out the skills you have or the skills you need. Those looking for a job get the luxury of receiving relevant job details straight into their inbox without having to part with any cash.  More

College2Startup Jun 12th 2011

Own Your Future

It’s a common problem for anyone starting a business; top talent is expensive even on a part-time consultancy basis. Furthermore if early stage funding is hard to come by then the chances of hiring anyone in the high flyer bracket get even slimmer.  More

Sweat Equity Connection is a new site that aims to iron out that problem by providing a matching platform for those seeking top talent with those looking for their next opportunity. Quite different from a job posting site however, the clue is in the name of the site and remuneration mostly comes in the shape of an equity stake in the business concerned.  More

Sweat Equity Connection Oct 25th 2011

The 1-Page Job Proposal Tool

Job searching is a pretty crowded activity in these troubled financial times and the scattergun approach to getting your resume out in front of potential employers is probably having as much effect as doing nothing at all.   More

It’s probably fair to say that with the current job market as it is it’s even more important that you stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately the first thing employers or agencies see is your resume and boy are they seeing thousands of those at the moment.   More Jul 10th 2011

The smoothest way for freelancers to manage their projects and invoices.

For just $5 a month freelancers can now get easily organized with this new app that will centralize all aspects of current projects and remove the hassle of switching from programme to programme. Once completed, all project details are then archived for easy access.  More

If you’re looking for a simple no nonsense management tool then this could be for you. Bunker lets you create client profiles and then assign projects to them. Task lists can then be entered with due dates for set tasks. If you haven’t completed a task at the time set then you’ll get a gentle reminder which is a good thing if you have nobody else in the office to crack the whip.  More

Bunker App Oct 9th 2011

Splinter me - the X-Factor for people who want to express themselves

SplinterMe is like the X-Factor for people who want to express themselves. It's for people who are a bit different to the mainstream and have problems getting across their true character. It's for talented people who don't believe in standard boring CV's detailing their past experiences. SplinterMe tracks your online activities on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as your blogs and technical forums (and anything else you have going for you) and uses these activities to represent you in an original way.      If you are having problems expressing yourself SplinterMe is an ...  More

SplinterMe | Express Yourself Oct 6th 2011

Crowdsource logo designs, web designs, sounds & more. Innovative contests

If you've asked for a quote from a High Street design company for your company logo and design campaign you will probably have been taken aback by the price.  DesignInARK is a business domain design tool that can meet all your design needs at a cost effective price by using talented freelancers who are skilled in web design. DesignInARK also holds regular design contests.   If you need a logo, stationery design, packaging or product design or even a name for your new business, DesignInARK's network of designers and writers are there to turn your concept into an array of ...  More

DesignInARK Sep 30th 2011

Resoomay - a cloud-based pre-screening tool that improves the job search process

Employment services seem to be the boom industry of the noughties. But some are better than others. With most of them seem to be fairly anonymous organizations that make you feel you are just one fish in a very big sea though. What you really need if you are a jobseeker is the chance to shine a little bit brighter than the rest of the applicants. Likewise, if you are an employer, the last thing you want is to have to wade through heaps of identical resumes looking for the perfect applicant. You want the cream to rise to the top. With Resoomay employers can evaluate potential hires by ...  More

Resoomay Sep 28th 2011

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