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The best way to get stuff done

Have you ever thought that if you were really organized you could run your life better? We are all pushed for time these days and sometimes youll find that paying someone else to do something is actually cost effective. PinDone is an organize tool where you can hunt down people in your local area to run your personal errands and household tasks.   PinDone gives you access to a highly trustworthy network of local errand runners for a mutually agreed amount of pay. Whether you use it in a business or personal way is totally up to you. You can even negotiate with your errand runner to do ...  More

PinDone Sep 28th 2011

Restaurant Jobs, Served up Daily

Any actors out there? This one's for you I think. WyckWyre is food job search tool that'll put actors into their other vocation in life - restaurant jobs.   It's different and much more proactive and specific than most other employment sites, though. WyckWyre gives you the choice of searching their job boards for restaurant positions or, if you register, it will send you details of local restaurant jobs into your email box.   Wyckwyre is an intelligent restaurant job search alert tool that serves potential job positions right in to your inbox. The choice is yours whether you ...  More

WyckWyre Sep 26th 2011

A professional services marketplace.

I imagine there are hundreds of business owners out there who would pay money to watch a bunch of lawyers, accountants and consultants bid their fees down in an attempt to win a piece of business.   More

Well if you’re one of them this site doesn’t exactly provide that ultimate pleasure but it will present you with an opportunity to compare the fees of a number of interested professionals. Likewise, if your one of the professionals the site provides another potential route to market for your skills.   More

EXPERTBIDS Dec 25th 2010

Experts on demand

If you’re on the hunt for some online advice but would feel more comfortable paying for a face-to-face consultation then could be the answer.  More

With 53 experts registered and covering a number of skills including business & finance, legal, health, medicine and personal development, you could have one at the end of a video camera in no time. With no downloads necessary all you need is a video enabled computer with speakers and a microphone.   More Apr 13th 2011

Connect a Job is the radically smarter, easier, multidimensional way job seekers and employers conne

Attempting to find a new job is a dull process. There's little glamour to it. If you are an employer you'll find yourself ploughing through the seemingly endless dull and boring resumes. If you're a jobseeker it's rather a bleak process of trying to stand out from a crowd which seems to get bigger and bigger. Connect a Job offers a brand new kinda of way for both sides to connect with innovative features including video profiles, online work samples as well as many other innovative features.   Connect a Job is an easy to use and intelligent job search tool that gives employers ...  More

Connect A Job Sep 22nd 2011

Make it Easy to be the Easy Hire

Resunate was designed to offer intelligent help to both employers and jobseekers. In these troubled times its more important than ever for the employer to find the right person for the position. It's of even more importance to the jobseeker to be seen of as near the top of the pack when applying for a new position. Unlike most other job tools, Resunate allows jobseekers the chance to see how their resume matches up to the positions that may be available.   Built on a new semantic engine, Resunate features a new tool known as the JobFocus™ Score which allows users to compare ...  More

Resunate Sep 20th 2011

I Love My Job - I Hate My Job - Read Job Reviews and Rate Your Job

You know what they say? Everybody else's job is better than your own. So what if you were offered a new job at a new company. How can you find out what the new company is REALLY like. Simple! In JobVent you can see all the posts from the company's employees and see what they REALLY think of the place.   JobVent is a job review tool that offers the chance for employees to make anonymous reviews about their place of work -good or bad. Employees can rate their company on a 1 to 5 scale and the final rating represents the average of the reviewers' ratings for each of the detailed ratings ...  More

JobVent Jan 2nd 2009

Start making better hires with Unrabble.

It can be a nightmare...the whole hiring business. How on earth do you know that the person you interview is the right guy to employ. If you ask some US experts they will tell you that they can tell the best candidate for the job with the first handshake but we don't all have that skill. So the answer is Unrabble.  More

Unrabble Sep 14th 2011

Audio Transcription Outsourcing

The most important thing about the audio tool Scribie is it's near 100% accuracy. When you have to transcribe audio sources like interviews, webinars and podcasts the accuracy of the material is paramount. So you go down one of three routes. You either hire a super secretary experienced in transcriptions, you could do it yourself (believe me, it's not fun) or you could use audio transcription outsourcing service Scribie..  More

Scribie Jul 19th 2011

When you need it now!

Now here's a great idea. Imagine you're camping out somewhere and you forgot to pick up some important thing you need. Or maybe you have an important dinner party at home and you forgot to pick up the mango chutney. If you need it now Swifto can help. This local marketplace tool is a unique way of solving your pressing problem whether it's a car mechanic or a pool boy that you're after. Just send out a request on Swifto and they'll find someone who can help you.  More

Swifto Sep 8th 2011

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