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An employment tool dealing with people rather than resumes

The job market is so tight at the moment that every little bit helps if it lifts you above the other candidates when it comes to employment opportunities. While you may have supplied your detailed resume and brilliantly worded cover letter that may not be enough to get you over the line. Truyuu is a job and employment tool that deals with people rather than a mere resume. Their brief is that they would like everybody to be energized and engaged in their place of employment and will go out of their way to match the right person with the right job.  More

TruYuu Dec 13th 2011

Find out what a company is really like before you join them

Are you hankering for a change of employment? Do you have an idea of the business you want to work for? Maybe you've got this idea in your head of working for a specific company but dont really know much about them. Well CareerBliss is an employment app that can help you out there by providing company reviews by real employees, detailed salary information, local job opportunities and goes out of its way to help you find a job that makes you happy!  More

CareerBliss Dec 9th 2011

Staff scheduling done well

Of the many weekly shift scheduling apps out there this one certainly looks to be up there with them as far as functionality goes with drag and drop features making the operation stress free and fast. If you’re still plotting your staff’s workload on a spreadsheet and then pinning it to the noticeboard you really should take a look at rotaville. You can still print out a copy of the weekly schedule if you like but with a good level of collaboration available on this system there are better ways to notify staff.  More

Rotaville Rota Software Dec 2nd 2011

Tips for wannabe management consultants

Having access to the question paper before sitting an exam would obviously give you a considerable advantage but few of us have ever had that luxury. It strikes me as slightly comical therefore that a group of business school students have got together to develop a site that aims to give you the answers to questions that might arise when you’re being interviewed for a management consultant post.  More

Case Interview Database Dec 1st 2011

All the tricks in the book to help you to succeed in your job search

Trying to get a new job is a tough business in these tricky financial times. Gone are the days when you could just scour the newspaper and rock up for an interview unfortunately. Job seeking in the noughties (Ed - errrr, they finished a while back...this must be the teenies?) requires you to be well prepared and even better researched if you want to give it your best shot. Job-Buddy is a free employment organize app that contains all the tools and skills to find the perfect job and all the tricks in the book to help you to succeed in your job search. Job-Buddy makes it easy to track your ...  More

Job Buddy Nov 30th 2011

When companies search for you, what do they find?

The way that employment agencies view you as a potential job seeker has changed so much over the last ten years or so. Previously it was all so much simpler. These days there are more background checks on your working life than ever. Identified is a business and employment tool that gives you a better idea of where you stand in the world of business right now. It scores you between 0 and 100 based on where you were educated, work experience and the people you know.  More

Identified Nov 23rd 2011

What do you want to be When You Grow Up?

The social history of employment is an interesting topic in that it didn’t really change much for the vast majority of people until fairly recently.  More

In times gone by if you were a boy and your father worked down a coal mine the chances were that you’d end up down there too. If you happened to be a girl well there wasn’t many options other than to be a housewife or perhaps go into service. The same probably applies for the building trades, market porters and those that worked the land unless of course you happened to catch the eye of a generous patron.  More

WYGU Nov 4th 2010

Hassle free recruiting for tech companies

If you’ve just got your tech business up and running and are looking for good staff the last thing you probably need is the expense of using an agency to find them. The problem of course is that you’re a technical wizard and not a professional recruiter so the choice is definitely Murphy’s.   More

JobPage Jul 29th 2011

Where Ideas Are Your Resume

One dictionary definition of the word brazen is shameless! Another one of course is bold and I suppose they both sum up the attitude of young ambitious high flyers clambering over each other as they jostle for a position on the ladder.   More

This website lets them big themselves up to a very wide audience in a virtual manner which I suppose means they can be even more brazen. Of course it also has uses for any business that happens to be hiring as all sorts of events can be organized in the same virtual manner cutting out the cost of hiring physical venues.  More

Brazen Careerist Aug 27th 2009

online resume builder with free resume templates

The art of resume writing has vexed people for a long time due to the changing nature of tastes. In today’s fast moving world hirers are more likely to want a snappy one pager than reams of paper resembling a biography.    More

Sites like this one can be very useful especially if you’re applying for your first job or perhaps looking to move on after years in the same post. If you fall into the latter category then your old resume will definitely be in need of a facelift.   More

Interactive Resume Builder Jun 20th 2011

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