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A place to keep and share your memories and stuff

Penmia is a totally secure writing and journal tool for your mobile that let's you capture, share and organize all your precious memories easily and quite beautifully. As George Carlin used to's a place for your stuff. It's an easy to use free application where you can keep lists, jogging schedules, vacation experiences, photos, lyrics and links - in fact, pretty well anything and everything that you want to be reminded of later or share with friends now.   Penmia is a free, secure online journal that allows you to capture, organize, and share your memories like you  ...  More

Penmia Apr 15th 2012

A social journal to nudge you into action

It's about time a journal or blog app caught the attention of the general public and joined Facebook, Twitter and possibly Pinterest as bastions of social networking. So could we see Roller Journal joining them? This social journal app for iPhone is the journal that guides you by asking you questions to get you started on your journal journey. Never again will you be sitting there scratching your chin and wondering what on earth you are going to write about.   Roller Journal is the journal that guides you by asking questions along the lines of 'What are you looking forward to?' ...  More

Roller Journal Mar 5th 2012

Clearful Journal

Clearful is a private digital journal that helps you rise above the ups and downs of everyday ...  More

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Bold: Mindset for Success

Bold is a mobile app that helps people change the way they think. Millions of people suffer from ...  More

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Selflog makes your life more productive and full of happiness. This app helps you listen to your ...  More

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Jade is a beautiful journal app which you can use as a diary of your memories, emotions and ...  More

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ranted "ADK46erNow" is a niche app aimed at hiking the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks in ...  More

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Triumph - Journaling, Reimagined

Journaling made easy and effective, even on the move! Guided journaling sessions with Tria, your ...  More

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Botana helps cannabis growers to keep track of their gardens, take beautiful photos and share ...  More

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Trunq users capture, share & privately save their favorite videos, pictures & other digital ...  More

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