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DayJot is your online, private journal, designed to last. Every day, we send you friendly ...  More

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StoryShelter is an unusual social platform. It’s designed to create a space for users to freeze ...  More

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Criticl operates as a democratic and social newsroom. Both the prevalence of certain stories and ...  More

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Remember Win

Remember Win helps you discover hidden strengths by tracking your achievements and sending you ...  More

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Loop Journal: 365 prompts to see your changes

What stands between you and your journal? Too busy? Too Lazy? Or just run out of ideas to ...  More

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Narrate is a new journal/notebook for Android. It was designed with inspiration from Google's ...  More

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Weight Lifting Videos

The goal of Weight Lifting Videos is to provide users with the very best workout tutorials for ...  More

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Askt Free Journal

Always wanted to start a diary? “Askt” is a fast and elegant new app to help you start a ...  More

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journi is the easiest way to create an offline travel journal and effortlessly keep friends in ...  More

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Life would be so boring without all the beautiful memories we have. With time, it just becomes ...  More

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