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A 3D interactive adventure to get your kids into bed at night

The introduction of the iPad changed everything in the world of children's apps. In fact, chances are, apps like Pilo probably wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the tablet platform. The iPad is very user-friendly and a great size for excellent viewability...not to mention the ability to add an interactive element. Pilo1 is a gorgeous real-time 3D interactive story book application for kids that has won numerous prestigious awards worldwide. But the best thing about Pilo1 isn't simply the beautiful 3D animations. It also carries a story that will be relevant for every parent trying to get ...  More

Pilo1 Feb 20th 2013

A fun and logic-based kids board game for ipad

The rapid rise in popularity of tablets in general and iPad in particular has thrown open the whole concept of mobile games over the last couple of years. While the home computer opened up the whole gaming world it doesn't have the user-friendliness of a mobile version to capture the attention of the younger ones and the mobile phone is just too small. Confetti HD is a challenging new fast paced and fun game for older kids. This colorful logic-based board game for iOS requires you to gain points by collecting the right combination of three cards and complete your set. Sounds simple enough? ...  More

Confetti HD Jan 16th 2013

An interactive kids story book that will inspire and delight

I read a report the other day that suggested that Amazon now do more business in online books than they do in paper copies. We seem to have reached the tipping point for online books and the days of the bookshop looks to be going the same way as the music store. The only thing that has bucked the trend a little bit is the children book. I guess the traditional idea of reading to your kids from a real book is hard to shake but the advent of the very child friendly iPad has changed things forever. A not so Fading Light is a gorgeously illustrated interactive storybook application for iOS ...  More

A not so Fading Light Aug 23rd 2012

Let your family and friends help put your child through college

If you've got young kids and you are planning on putting them through college at some point you might want to put down that Sudoku puzzle now and pay attention because this is a brilliant idea. College Registry is an free education and finance application that offers a unique way of saving for your child's long term educational needs. Okay, so here's the deal. When a friend or relative asks you what your child would like as a gift what is your usual response? The latest Barbie doll or toy that will be lost or in the back of the toy cupboard as soon as a new toy comes along? With College ...  More

College Registry Jul 9th 2012

Give your baby a classical brain massage

I'm pretty sure the first piece of music I can remember hearing and remembering was in the kitchen at home and it was the sweet sound of Connie Francis playing on the radio. These days kids are probably more likely to be presented with the rather more banal sound of Rebecca Black than someone with Connie's vocal abilities. The point is, of course, that it could be important to subject your baby to more quality pieces of music in their formative early years rather than the bubblegum pop of dear Rebecca, bless her soul. Classical Music for Babies is a new music app for your baby that takes ...  More

Classical Music for Babies Jun 16th 2012

Organize the household with this collaborative whiteboard

HATCHEDit is like a collaborative whiteboard for Android where you can organize your collective family life with a calendar, an address book, a family news and notebook tool and household blog. It's a place to keep all the important information the family needs and then adds a social aspect by letting you share relevant information, not only with your spouse and kids, but also with grandparents, babysitters and au pairs.   HATCHEDit is a mobile whiteboard for managing your personal life and succeeds in bringing social collaborative tools online and into the home.  Its a free ...  More

HatchedIt Apr 18th 2012

Everything you wanted to know about kids

ParentingInformer is a kids entertainment and parental education application that is almost a one stop app for all things kids related. It provides a wealth of information about kids whether they be toddlers or teenagers and features a virtual plethora of advice, tips, styles and stories from real parents around the world. It's aim is to create a comprehensive place where parents can go to get information on pretty well everything to do with their children.   ParentingInformer is a multi-author website providing parenting advice, tips, styles and stories from real parents like you. By ...  More

ParentingInformer Apr 4th 2012

The simplest way to learn to write Chinese

This simple Learn to write Chinese application from the Monkey Write people is another in the series following their earlier Numbers, Blessings and Eating Out excursions. It's a free and easy to use language, education and learning tool for android that literally teaches one to write Chinese characters and turns it into a bit of a game that even kids can play and learn from.   It's said that the only way to truly master the complicated art of Chinese writing is practice, practice and more practice. However, doing that on paper could be construed as being rather dull - especially if ...  More

Monkey Write: Learn to write Chinese Mar 29th 2012

Safe social network for kids - proper parental control

Letting your kids loose on the internet must be a worry for any parent. With a range of social networks to choose from it’s not always easy to know just who’s hooking up as a friend and looking at photographs. On the other hand of course you don’t want to deprive youngsters of the pleasure of sharing special moments and at the same time honing some useful computer skills. Doing all of this in the knowledge that the environment is safe and secure is obviously the answer to all of those concerns and Vikido looks like a great place to start your children’s ...  More Dec 30th 2011

Publish your own book

I remember as a kid writing long stories with a fountain pen, adding a few drawings and then binding all the sheets of paper together in brown parcel paper tied down the middle with wool. I was an author at eight years old and nobody was going to tell me any different! It’s funny but I never sold any copies but my mother still has them in a box somewhere and they come out now and again when the subject of me writing for a living comes up, bless!  More

Tikatok Dec 10th 2011

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