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Get the kids reading and writing with comic book fun

Well there are certainly some fun ways to get youngsters reading and writing these days and if this one doesn’t get them hooked then I don’t know what will. It could be quite a laugh to use as an adult too if you want to get a point across in a comic style. The mechanics are simple and once you log in you are taken on a step-by step guide to creating a comic strip page complete with characters and text. The first thing you have to do is choose the layout of your page from a selection of boxes and once you have that in place you can populate it with a simple drag and ...  More

Comic Master Dec 10th 2011

Simple Allowances for Kids

If you’re a parent of young kids and you fancy a crack at being a virtual banker then you should give this one a go. Let’s face it you couldn’t do any worse than the bunch of real ones running the worlds finances at the moment!   More

As the bank of Mom and Dad you can use Zefty not only to organize the kid’s allowances but to get them on the road to learning about depositing money and saving for those things they always seem to want immediately.   More

Zefty May 26th 2008

Safeguard Your Child On The Internet!

There is a lot of talk about kids being at risk on the Internet from bullying and potential prowlers. Kids, of course, don't see the risks and resent your intervention into their probably harmless cyber activities. So how do you monitor your child's online activities without seeming to be looking over their shoulder? let's you login to your account wherever there is Internet access and view all of their online activities. There is no charge at all for this service. Simply download the software on your computer and you’re all set to go. ...  More

Care4Teen Jul 12th 2011

Kids Money Management and Teen Money Management

There are a few sites of this type around offering families a platform to keep up to date with who owes who. They follow a similar pattern in that a virtual bank is created, with Mom and Dad providing the funds of course, and virtual transactions are credited and debited to reflect the real cash position.  More Oct 10th 2010

Wait, who just 'friended' my child?

If you pick up any newspaper these days you will see stories about children being approached online through their social network. There's also the constant threat of cyber bullying on the net. So how can we monitor our children's online activity without appearing to be a Big Brother in their lives? Creep Squash is a Facebook application that emails you a list of friends old and new added you your child's account. There is also a 'red word flag' that warns of questionable conversations in messages and chat.   Creep Squash is a free Facebook security alert tool for kids that really ...  More

Creep Squash Sep 20th 2011

Prepare your kids for the "wild".

How often have you heard the cry “kids just don’t know the value of money these days”? Quite often I suspect but if you’re a cynic like me you probably think it comes from parents who are generally only too happy to open the wallet when junior screams for a new pair of trainers.  More

FamZoo Mar 25th 2010

Children Skills Enhancement

It wasn't so long ago that parents only had one medium to use when teaching their children and keeping them entertained - pencils and paper. These days of course there are many different ways of interaction and we utilize anything we can to amuse and educate the younger ones. Tucoola is a totally safe and totally free children's skills enhancement game that monitors, assesses and enhances the development progress of children aged between 2 and 8 with fun games that are designed for each particular age.   More

Tucoola Sep 3rd 2011

The leader in educational games for kids


Technology is quickly becoming the new medium for education, and ABCya! has provided a great site, full of well designed and thought out apps for kids to start their learning. Catering for children up to the academic age of eight. The website offers thousands of apps covering all the core subjects such as Maths and English, as well as innovative art and design games, aimed at stimulating the brain instead of just a bit of fun.  More

ABCya! Nov 14th 2010

Quirl - The Allowance Game

Quirl is a mobile gaming app that turns kids' daily chores and tasks into an opportunity for ...  More

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Feb 1st 2022

Mathematical Run

Discover a new immersive, unique and intuitive gaming experience to learn math while having ...  More

logic timetables fractions

Mar 31st 2021

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