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Legal Newsance

Curated by humans, Legal Newsance is a content discovery app that helps professionals quickly ...  More

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IP Nexus

IP Nexus connects startups, inventors, entrepreneurs, universities and other intellectual ...  More

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LawGeex compares your legal document to thousands of others in our database. In just a few ...  More

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Pittsburgh Startup Lawv

Pittsburgh Startup Law serves the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas' growing ...  More

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Wind simplifies eDiscovery through design. Users sign up online, upload their data, and can ...  More

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The Brooks Law Firm is a law firm dedicated to representing those faced with legal issues simple ...  More

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PactSafe is the first application that seamlessly manages, tracks and deploys website and mobile ...  More

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LawTrades is the easiest and most cost-effective way to hire the right lawyer for your legal ...  More

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A new legal tech startup wants to disrupt the huge $300B legal industry. We've seen big players ...  More

legal marketplace saas


Our product is a simple and effective search for law, which does not require any training to ...  More


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