Legal apps


PactSafe is the first application that seamlessly manages, tracks and deploys website and mobile ...  More

legal saas

Sep 27th 2014


LawTrades is the easiest and most cost-effective way to hire the right lawyer for your legal ...  More

legal marketplace saas

Aug 24th 2014


A new legal tech startup wants to disrupt the huge $300B legal industry. We've seen big players ...  More

legal marketplace saas

Apr 19th 2014


Our product is a simple and effective search for law, which does not require any training to ...  More


Mar 21st 2014


Have you ever needed to quickly draft a legal document, but didn't trust the samples or ...  More

business document management family

Feb 16th 2014


Want to live and work in United States? VisaDoor is a central visa database of Employment Based ...  More


Jun 20th 2013

Entergence- Contract Drafting Software

Drafting Contracts Got Simpler with Entergence Entergence is more than just a document ...  More

legal organisation

Apr 1st 2013

Online Legal Software

Online Legal Software is a cloud-based system for legal billing and practice management, ...  More

legal billing cloud

Mar 14th 2013


Appraisals don't need to be a pain in the neck! Appraisd is a new staff appraisal system ...  More

business legal management

Feb 27th 2013


Today's popular search technologies offer passive set of results to users seeking information. ...  More

finance insurance legal

Jan 22nd 2013

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