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Lend or trade your stuff with your social friends

Have a look around you. I bet you have a ton of stuff that works perfectly well and yet you don't use very much - if at all. Most households are the same. We've all got useful stuff that is just taking up space in our homes. Your nextdoor neighbor or the family down the road probably have the same situation. The fact is, when we need something like a circular saw or a bicycle or a microwave, we just go out and buy a new one rather than asking if our neighbors have one that we can buy or borrow. It might be good for business but it's not particularly fiscally responsible nor is it good for ...  More

Jipio Sep 8th 2014

Never forget who borrowed your Marvin Gaye book ... or that $20!

Have a look at your fridge door. Is it covered with post-it notes detailing money owed or split bills that you share with flat mates?  Or a list of books, cd's or DVD's that you have lent to friends? That's how mine looks, anyway. I've thought of using one of the many apps available but, to be quite honest, they've left a little to be desired. Some only link up to your social media friends, some require yet another log in with a password (just what i need) and some only deal in money whereas most of the things I lend tend to be books rather than cash. So when the IOUTool came along it ...  More

IOUTool Apr 12th 2013

The way education finance should work

As an investor looking to perhaps diversify your portfolio you might want to consider Peer to Peer lending with the beneficiaries being worthy students!   More

People Capital provides a platform for students to obtain unsecured private loans for 2-15 year terms subject to certain criteria being met. Lenders purchase the loans, or parts of them, by way of loan notes from People Capital who retain the rights and responsibilities associated with the servicing and collection of them.  More

People Capital Jul 22nd 2009

Get student loans from people who believe in you

It would appear to be a good time to review this one as it’s changed a bit since it first launched.  More

Originally set up as a platform for students to obtain legally documented and repayable loans to help towards post-secondary education, new owners have since turned it into a donation only site with the emphasis on helping out with those additional expenses that can mount up rather than funding a complete education. Having said that there is at least one example on the site of a student trying to raise $50,000!  More

GreenNote Mar 24th 2009

Raise Money, Reach Goals, Build Community!

A lot of crowdfunding sites tend to have a specific identity in terms of target users. Business Angel funding for entrepreneurial ventures is one example along with social enterprises looking for much needed funds to help a community project.  More

Invested.in has no such identity and can only be described as the crowdfunding site where almost anything goes!  More

Invested.in Mar 27th 2010

small stakes in big ideas

Sponsume.com is a crowdfunding platform with the emphasis on creative and social enterprise projects. Categories include documentary, film, music, writing and the performing arts. Registering a project or as a donor is free.  More

The format is similar to other crowdfunding sites where anyone wishing to fund an activity can create a profile page and fill it with as much information as possible about the reasons and objectives of the project. This information can be in the form of written statements, photographs and video clips and be shared around the social networks to maximise exposure. The page also shows the funding required and the period it will be listed for which can be up to a maximum of 90 days.  More

Sponsume.com Apr 30th 2010

Friends and Family Lending

Although claiming to offer a new and better way to lend and borrow, lendfriend.com looks just like the many other friend & family borrowing sites on the web. In fact if anything it lacks the clarity in respect of pricing and what is and isn’t chargeable that usually appears on the front page of other sites.   More

LendFriend Mar 14th 2010

Where people come together to borrow and lend money

With the banks reputations nose-diving daily and both borrowers and investors suffering as a consequence, Peer to Peer lending is a great way to cut them out of the equation altogether.  More

Prosper.com has been around for a while now and has funded personal loans worth $256 million. The simple principle of introducing people with money to invest to people who want to borrow gives both parties the opportunity to get much better rates than they would at the hands of the men in grey suits.  More

Prosper Jul 2nd 2007

We make personal lending work

With nearly $1.5 billion of personal loans already formalized through loanback.com since it launched, this friend & family lending site makes the sometimes sensitive issue of legal documentation between close ones a whole lot easier. And you don’t have to visit a lawyer either.  More

According to the site, last year alone saw more than $57 billion lent between family and friends with most being on an informal and undocumented basis. Whilst a lot of these no doubt ended happily there is always the potential for misunderstanding which at its worse can lead to a serious relationship breakdown.   More

LoanBack Oct 20th 2010

The first lending and borrowing exchange

How many times have you thought how great it would be if you could get the same interest rate on your savings as you pay for your personal loan? Quite a few I imagine but guess what? Now you can.  More

Zopa.com is a social lending website that is rapidly muscling in on the market share of what used to be the territory of the mainstream banks. What’s more it won this year’s Moneywise award for the most trusted personal loan provider. Now with all this talk of lending how can it help my savings you may ask? Well, read on.  More

Zopa Jul 2nd 2007

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