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The industry’s first ‘Estate Planning & Disbursement’ platform for online accounts and digital ...  More


Mar 10th 2022

What's in my fridge?

Have you ever forgotten what's in your fridge, and ended up throwing it away? Have you ever ...  More

fridge inventory-management grocery-list

Jan 29th 2022


ShareSpace is a social media like platform that provides a safe space to share what you are ...  More

mentalhealth social media android

Jun 1st 2021


Ever saw an outfit on social media you like but did not know where to get it from? Look no ...  More

style clothing android

Jun 1st 2021

Natural Remedies: healthy life

Natural Remedies is the health app for your wellbeing and natural lifestyle. It has healthy ...  More

nature health ios

May 10th 2021


Fear is essential, but when it becomes unreasonably excessive or persistent it clouds our ...  More

productivity todolist widget

May 9th 2021

Live Closer - Cut the Commute

Live Closer is an open minded app for open minded people, willing to change the world by living ...  More

lifestyle mobile app environment

May 20th 2020

Capture: My Carbon Footprint

Capture is an app to help you learn more about your carbon emissions from everyday life - ...  More

carbon green carbonfootprint

Feb 28th 2020

Miles - Rewards For All Travel

Miles is a universal rewards app that delivers value for every mile traveled, across every mode ...  More

rewards ios lifestyle

Jan 16th 2020

Rendezvous date

Rendezvous, the new dating app that will match singles in your area and will also suggest ...  More

social android ios

Jan 10th 2020

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