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Prioritize your news into a beautiful online magazine format

When Flipboard won 'app of the year' a few years ago it was the start of a new way of looking at content on the Internet. Rather than viewing feeds in the normal fragmented way, the app turned them into the most glorious, flickable, 'magazine-style' format that made it a sheer pleasure to look through your content. It was only a matter of time before that concept was tweaked into an excellent publishing application like NOOWIT. This handsome-looking application prioritizes your content to deliver all your news stories from all your favorite sources in a user-friendly and beautiful online ...  More

NOOWIT Dec 20th 2013

Pool Magazine

Read up on the latest happenings in the swimming pool sector. If you're in the pool business, ...  More

poolapp news poolsafety

Oct 27th 2022


Encurate provides an easy to use content management backend for mobile apps. App developers can ...  More

apps news ios

Jul 23rd 2022


StoryPie is an info-app, featuring the latest news, current trends, and controversial stories. ...  More

short news dailies android

Aug 12th 2019

EN PhuketeMagazine Jun-July16

Issue Jun-July 16, Phuket: The Cultural Heritage Phuket eMagazine, the truly interactive ...  More

magazine ios android

Jun 17th 2016


This app is made specifically for journalists who are using ENG style cameras with internal Time ...  More

journal learning magazine

Dec 17th 2015


Stay up-to-date on the top urban culture news through Bando. Our platform is utilizes two ...  More

news music magazine

Aug 25th 2015


Join a natural & organic lifestyle community where you can bring out your inner health ...  More

fashion & beauty fitness guide

May 12th 2015


Readbug is a digital service for independent magazines. With more than 170 issues available, ...  More

creativity entertainment magazine

May 11th 2015


The site provides free, impartial advice to students on how to make their money go further. ...  More

fun magazine shopping

May 3rd 2015

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