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Fulcrum is a mobile application enabling users to design custom apps, manage field data ...  More

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KeepLocal helps you organize and manage your personal data like passwords and grocery lists, ...  More

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We provide a whois api in json format, normalising a complex data form into an easy to use ...  More

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Stellar Phoenix Software for Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Software for Windows recovery is well equipped and efficient tool that ...  More

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We eliminate the time spent by developers writing web crawlers/scrapers for one off or simple ...  More

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CipherText makes use of a special form of poly-alphabetic substitution to encrypt data. The ...  More

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ezVault is an app that allows you to store login information, contact and other sensitive ...  More

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Market Prophit

Market Prophit analyzes financial chatter in social media and generates real-time sentiment, ...  More

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Imagine having a live analytics of your team field reports, easy-to use, always up to date, ...  More

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LawGeex compares your legal document to thousands of others in our database. In just a few ...  More

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