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Trade movies, stars and more

Do you know what happens when you add up all the money that Hollywood movies have made and then deduct all the money that they've cost? The answer doesn't work. They've lost way more than they've made. So how do you think the movie producers and entrepreneurs cope and pick the films that make money from those that don't? Hollywood Stock Exchange puts you in the entrepreneur's shoes in this entertaining movie marketplace tool.     Hollywood Stock Exchange is just like the real stock market, only way more fun! It's the world’s leading entertainment stock market. ...  More

Hollywood Stock Exchange Feb 24th 2010

A professional services marketplace.

I imagine there are hundreds of business owners out there who would pay money to watch a bunch of lawyers, accountants and consultants bid their fees down in an attempt to win a piece of business.   More

Well if you’re one of them this site doesn’t exactly provide that ultimate pleasure but it will present you with an opportunity to compare the fees of a number of interested professionals. Likewise, if your one of the professionals the site provides another potential route to market for your skills.   More

EXPERTBIDS Dec 25th 2010

The Internet Marketing Marketplace

There's a bit of the entrepreneurial spirit in many of us. Wouldn't it be great if there was a site for Internet marketers and their related guides and resources where you could go and see what is on offer. Well Blueprint Mint is that place. As the name suggests, it is an online marketing tool that will give you some good guidelines to how to make money online and the products that are available.  More

Blueprint Mint Aug 16th 2011

When you need it now!

Now here's a great idea. Imagine you're camping out somewhere and you forgot to pick up some important thing you need. Or maybe you have an important dinner party at home and you forgot to pick up the mango chutney. If you need it now Swifto can help. This local marketplace tool is a unique way of solving your pressing problem whether it's a car mechanic or a pool boy that you're after. Just send out a request on Swifto and they'll find someone who can help you.  More

Swifto Sep 8th 2011

The first lending and borrowing exchange

How many times have you thought how great it would be if you could get the same interest rate on your savings as you pay for your personal loan? Quite a few I imagine but guess what? Now you can.  More is a social lending website that is rapidly muscling in on the market share of what used to be the territory of the mainstream banks. What’s more it won this year’s Moneywise award for the most trusted personal loan provider. Now with all this talk of lending how can it help my savings you may ask? Well, read on.  More

Zopa Jul 2nd 2007

Accommodations Redefined

Now this is a brilliant and very useful idea for travelers looking for cheaper accommodation when visiting cities around the world. Crash My Pad provides a free community rental marketplace where members can list and rent out their vacation properties and private rooms for other members to utilize. It also provides a safe e-commerce environment which allows the guest to pay in a very secure fashion. There are so many unique places to stay around the world with great locations & privacy, personal touches tons of amenities. If you need a place to crash just enter your destination, ...  More

Crash My Pad Aug 25th 2011

Future Starr

Become a Digital Entrepreneur with "The Official Talent Marketplace"! Who is Future ...  More

talent marketplace app

Aug 15th 2021

Buy Sell Now

Buy Sell Now is an online P2P & B2B market helping thousands around the world buy, sell & trade ...  More

b2b marketplace android

Mar 27th 2021

World ADS

Hello! My name is Nikolai! I am a developer from Russia. I need your help in advertising my ...  More

android board bullet

Nov 30th 2020


Oh!MyChat is the first marketplace for audio and video communication. By means of the service ...  More

ohmychat ios android

Oct 14th 2020

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